Top 7 Bad Covers According To Us

Do bad cover songs exist? Yes, they do and they’re surprisingly tricky to find. But we did the searching for you and today we will look at bad covers by bands that have a solid back-catalogue – We picked out our favorite ones for you to enjoy…! Or… Something like that.

Here are 7 bad covers in no particular order and we think that you will truly enjoy the silence after hearing all of them. So let’s get this started…

Bad Cover #1: Lacuna Coil – Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)

Now, Lacuna Coil is one of the few female fronted Metal bands that actually sounds good on the long run and seem to get better and better with every release. But let’s be honest here, their cover of Depeche Mode‘s legendary single “Enjoy The Silence” feels very noisy and chaotic – And no, we’re not fans of the drumming there!
There’s a lot happening on this recording and at some point you lose the focus on what was supposed to be the red thread. Good attempt, Lacuna Coil. But we don’t really get it.

Dave Gahan appreciates your try.

Bad Cover #2: Solar Fake – Spit It Out (IAMX)

Spit It Out” by IAMX is a song that almost screams to be covered. It has a catchy hook and the songwriting is flawless. You know… You can actually work with this song. The possibilities seem to be endless! Well, the German band Solar Fake decided to cover it, releasing it on an EP called “Resigned“. And… It’s still the good old IAMX-song. It still has the catchy hook and stuff. But it’s uninspired. So desperately uninspired that it makes you want to go back to the original track because why would you waste your time with this, right?
But… Hey, you still tried! 

That’s a good question. But do you love yourself more after you butchered an IAMX-song?


Bad Cover #3: Alfahanne – Dom andra (Kent)

Let’s be honest, we checked out the previous material of Alfahanne and found it quite enjoyable despite the fact we’re not die-hard metal fans. But no matter what, we are absolutely underwhelmed by the band’s rendition of “Dom andra” – A song by another fellow (and slightly more famous) Eskilstuna-band. Not only is this version totally creepy… It doesn’t even have the replay value of the original. No, we don’t think Jocke Berg would be impressed by this cover. And neither are we.



Bad Cover #4: Bloodpit – Coma White (Marilyn Manson)

Does anybody out here remember Bloodpit? No? Their 2009 (and probably last) album “The Last Day Before The First” was quite interesting, definitely something worth checking out if you’re into something edgier. And “edgy” is also a good word to describe their cover of Marilyn Manson‘s “Coma White“. Sure, the Tampere-based band incorporated their own style into the song and ditched the things that made “Coma White” the song it is. While it’s not necessarily the worst thing to do, it only proved that covering a Marilyn Manson might not be the best idea ever… We’ll be off listening to “The Last Day Before The First” then!

Marilyn Manson being Marilyn Manson. 


Bad Cover #5: Lord Of The Lost – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

Stop pretending that Pop songs covered by Metal (?) bands start sounding superior. Cause they don’t and this cover proves it. This version of Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” by Lord Of The Lost can be added to the list of totally uninspired covers that just don’t work the way we’d like them to. And while this hit-song might be a guilty pleasure for many of you… We don’t see a reason why you should cover a song that has done all the work for you. Your version is not going to add much to it. We are sorry. 

She’s serious.


Bad Cover #6: Children Of Bodom – Oops… I did again (Britney Spears)

Yes, we get it. We get it that Children Of Bodom weren’t 100% serious when doing this. But still… It’s Britney, bitch. One does not cover a Britney-song. But when you do, make it worthwhile. Please. Thumbs up for the effort, though. It was fun while it lasted. 

Not even Britney knows what to think…But did she ever knew?


Bad Cover #7: In This Moment – Creep (Radiohead)

Again, technically, it’s not the worst cover. It’s okay. And that’s where it ends. But we don’t need to listen to a mediocre cover by In This Moment when we have Radiohead and Thom Yorke. Do things get any more iconic than in Radiohead‘s version? No, they don’t. We can move forward and have a good feeling of not having missed a thing. And we still don’t get the hype that is around In This Moment. And now you can feel free to send us hate-mails!

And here’s Thom Yorke laughing straight into your face.


And with all of this being said we’re going to wrap up. Do you agree with our list? Are there any other bad cover songs come into your mind? Let us know and we hope we’ll see you here soon again!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day. 🎶

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