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Released: 06/10/2017  FIN  |  

The legendary Finnish band that made the early 2000s iconic with their hit-single “In The Shadows” dropped a brand new record called “Dark Matters” last week. We informed you on that matter before and I’m sure you can’t wait to read about what we think about this record.
Now… Let’s take matters into our own hands and let’s see if it’s as dark as we all think.

Paradise” is the first track we’ll hear on this record and it’s also the first single at the same time – The first song we ever heard from this record. Armed with this dynamic vibe that’s typical for this band’s sound, “Paradise” could be labelled as one of the signature tracks of the band’s post-2010 material. It’s modern and it definitely won’t disappoint you. But it’s not the highlight you’d be looking for. “Dark Matters” continues with “Something In The Dark” and the fresh-sounding chorus will get you hooked right from the beginning. The track flirts with some dark moments and uplifting melodies as well as some minimally Industrial elements. Maybe Industrial ain’t the right word, but it kinda fits right there. And it gets even darker on “Wonderman” which sounds like a glorious return to the band’s roots. “Wonderman” truly works wonders and it’s pretty much the most Metal song on “Dark Matters“, which is perfectly weighted when it comes to musical diversity so far.

We’re turning our heads away from Rock together with “Nothing” – A song that uses Synthpop and Electronic elements in a truly memorable and fun way. Every song brings something different with it and that’s by far the coolest aspect of “Dark Matters“. The journey continues with “Empire” and we’re getting confronted with a couple of things you surely didn’t expect to hear. Just take a listen for yourself.
Crystalline” comes around with a powerful chorus and I can’t help myself… I just have to think of Björk‘s song going under the same title – A mash-up of those two tracks would kick some serious ass, don’t you think? Or I just really want to hear how the voices of Lauri Ylönen and Björk would compliment each other…
Anyways, moving on to “Black Days“, we’re getting to another subtle, but very enjoyable change in the musical direction on this record, but that’s pretty much everything this track offers. There’s something special about this one though… I just didn’t find out what it is yet. 

And then we get to “Silver Night“, which is the second single, I believe. You know, I kinda lost count with the singles from this record, but don’t mind, right? The main riff in the chorus of “Silver Night” is groovy like hell, but it still reminds me of something I heard in the past. But it’s one way of how Pop should sound in 2017.
Dark Matters” will try to put you into a “Delirium“, but fail miserably and I didn’t say this right now. No, really, I actually “Delirium“. It’s one of those tracks that offer something highly appealing (that one instrumental-part after the chorus is pure magic) but you have to dig deeper to find the real beauty of the song. Same deal with “Dragons Into Dreams“, the last song you’ll hear on the 9th record of The Rasmus. A fine attempt at rediscovering Synthpop.

Thinking back about the previous self-titled studio album of this popular Finnish band whose popularity goes far beyond the borders of their homeland, The Rasmus did everything right on “Dark Matters“.

It might be a hard piece to swallow for the fans who desperately want the band to truly return to their “Dead Letters” & “Hide From The Sun” material (Yes, they do exist and I have a message for all of them: Going “Pop” is never wrong!), but at the same time it’s a very fine surprise for people who didn’t expect the band to deliver something of this quality.
The diversity on “Dark Matters” is fascinating. And that’s the only thing I’m gonna say about it cause I don’t want to spoil this record for anyone. Besides that, we can’t wait to check out The Rasmus live in Vienna this November. Who’s with us?

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  // 8 – Very Good. Nothing else to add here.  Everyone should be happy. 


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