The Mobile Homes and Us live in Stockholm on 29th September

The Mobile Homes was founded in 1984 in Sätra (Sweden), by brothers Andreas and Patrik Brun, Per Liliefeldt and the singer Hans Erkendal, and and they are still one of Sweden’s leading electronic bands. 

Early in their career, they have played with Laibach and Nitzer Ebb, and belonged to a variety of record labels. The band plays typical synthpop like Depeche Mode with the exception of a period in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when the music was more guitar and rock influenced. The name The Mobile Homes is taken from the British rock/pop band Japan’s song “Still Life in Mobile Homes” from the album “Tin Drum”. The members have also played together in the side project “Sapporo 72” where the music is more inspired by Kraftwerk. Since winter 2009, Sami Sirviö (Kent) is a full member of Mobile Homes. The Mobile Homes is in their 34th year as electronic icons and they show no signs of stepping down.

In May this year, the band released the single “The Final Party“, produced by Leo Josefsson.

There’ll be a party going on in Stockholm this September and as you all know by now, there is no party without The Mobile Homes. And they’re bringing the Scottish/Swedish duo Us on board too, so we can all look forward to an unforgettable evening. Save the date below or else you’re gonna regret it dearly. Or something… You know what we want to say. Peace!

Saturday, 29th September 2018 – Debaser, Stockholm (SWE)


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