Reckless Love – InVader


Released: 11/03/2016 FIN

Personal note for the start…
A friend of mine once tried to get me into this band. It was around the time their debut album came out and… I just couldn’t get into it for whatever reason. The only song I could actually enjoy was “Hot” from the 2011 album “Animal Attraction”. Yes, that one was circulating pretty much on every Finnish radio station in Summer 2011. Been there, done that.

I’m talking about the Finnish Glam Rock formation Reckless Love. They released their fourth studio album bearing the name “InVader” in March. Let’s forget about the fact that the cover resembles Seigmen’s “Enola” (Read about it) a lot and let’s take a listen to what Reckless Love have to offer this time.

We Are The Weekend” kicks off and is a solid opener. Nothing new is waiting for you here.
It’s nothing that would raise you from your seat. Besides the fact, that the chorus will probably get stuck in your head for a time.
The next track entitled “Hands” was quite promising at first, but again… There wasn’t nothing groundbreaking about the whole song and the shit-loads of Heyyy’s turned out to be hilariously generic.
Then we can hear the first single off “InVader”. It’s called “Monster” and… It is a fucking monster. The hit-potential of this track is unbelievable, I admit that. But still, everything about this one made me cringe. Make an opinion for yourself. I won’t comment on this anymore.

And if you thought that it can’t get any weirder… It can! Believe me. “Child Of The Sun” is a proof for that. I’m not sure what Reckless Love tried to do here and I’m afraid to ask. I mean… Why? Just why?
I had to get a beer after this one. And you know I don’t drink alcohol while reviewing.
But “Bullettime” was here to save the day… At least a little bit. You can hear a uninspired guitar riff and a 08/15 (German-speakers use this to address average things) chorus. But that was still better than the previous four songs.
Moving on, moving on to “Scandinavian Girls” and here “InVader” offers another cringe-worthy moment with lyrics no-more pathetic than on the previous songs.

Pretty Boy Swagger” comes up next and I’m pretty sure I heard certain parts of this song already somewhere. Hit me if I’m wrong.
Then we have “Rock It” here… Another spark of hope lights up for a moment… But it turns out to be  quite average. And the main guitar riff reminds me of something once again. Hmmmmm?!
Destiny” follows and the chorus is painfully catchy. And that’s about it, yet it still managed to get a place on my faves-list. Mainly because it’s still listenable without thinking too much about it.

Then there’s “Let’s Get Cracking Up” waiting for you. Did Reckless Love keep the best one to the end? Kinda. Except they were supposed to drop it at around 3:50. After 3:50 I stopped to understand the world. But at least we know how the guys party, right?
Keep It Up All Night” is some kind of a bonus track if I understand right… Well, I see why it winded up as a bonus. It has the potential to kill “InVader” in one go.
Let’s say that “Keep It Up All Night” is what “InVader” was supposed to be, but wasn’t. Yet again, that’s what I think about it.



The invasion of “InVader” didn’t go as planned. This album is for every wannabe Hard Rock Fangirl, maybe even for people who are new to the genre and don’t have a clue where to start and… Teenage girls and girls in their early twenties who want to feel special for being different? Uhhhhh… Is that a thing?
Anyway, “InVader” offers generic lyrics, painfully average riffs and a ton of catchy melodies, which don’t have the chance to stand out because of being drowned by the absolutely uninteresting rest.
InVader” is worse than semi-okay and I remember Reckless Love actually having more listenable songs. Unfortunately, Glam Rock is not going to happen anymore.

My bullets are fired and the only thing that’s on my mind is the following question:
Why are bands like this getting enough attention in Germany/outside Finland while bands with really remarkable work are getting forgotten here?

Personal favorites:

  • Bullettime
  • Destiny
  • Let’s Get Cracking Up (minus part after 3:50)

Take A Listen:



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