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Released: 10-07-2015 GER

Hallelujah, amen! The highly anticipated Powerwolf album is here!
Blessed And Possessed” is the sixth release by this German band blending elements of Symphonic and Power Metal and the hype around them is very big.
What can we expect from this chart-hitting album? What does it have to offer? Is it any different from what we are used to hear from Powerwolf?
Let me tell you that in this review.

So “Blessed And Possessed” is starting out with the title track and if you ever heard something from this band, you won’t be surprised. There’s nothing new happening over here. Powerwolf still use Latin and spiritual themes in their songs. That’s their trademark which is that’s making them unique.
But if I already have to say that the title song is a bit repetitive when compared to their previous material, then what does the rest of the album bring?
Dead Until Dark” is the track number two and if I hoped for some improvement… Well, me and my hopes were left in the dark. The question of “Does this band hate to experiment?” comes up.
The single called “Army Of The Night” comes up next and I could swear that I heard this song pattern on “Preachers Of The Night” and definitely on the older albums as well… It’s a solid song nevertheless and a pretty good choice for a single, but I just lack something new in the music. Some new ideas…
Armata Strigoi”… Well, I can say the same thing here.
This year I didn’t really hear an album that would be so utterly uninspired that I’d have to try hard not to skip the majority of the songs. All this even before hitting the half of the record.

The song structures and drum patterns in “We Are The Wild” are again very familiar and the chorus is just… I just have to shrug at it.
But the band’s lead vocalist Attila Dorn still hypes the whole thing up with his abilities. So that’s quite a positive aspect of “Blessed And Possessed” – and all the other Powerwolf albums.
I got a recommendation and I should pay attention to “Higher Than Heaven” cause it should be pretty neat – according to the one that gave me that recommendation.
Well, it is neat. Yep. But I still don’t hear what should be so special about it.
Christ & Combat” in 2015… “Amen & Attack” from the 2013 “Preachers Of The Night”… Even the titling structure stays in the same scheme. Isn’t it interesting?
The next big thing “Blessed And Possessed” offers is “Sanctus Dominus”.

“E nomine
Sanctus dominus – Halleluja
Christus animus – Halleluja
Et sanctus spiritus
Call me in the night”

Well, despite the fact that the lyrics sound as if a group of horny priests wrote them, “Sanctus Dominus” is the first song on this album that actually qualifies for the personal favorites. Enough said.
It continues with “Sacramental Sister” and I can say that this could be pretty much the only exceptional track on this album. Knowing that makes me a bit sad though…
Blessed And Possessed” rolls on with “All You Can Bleed” and… Was there a pun intended? Anyway, again we hear the Powerwolf you always knew and there’s nothing new to it… Again and again and again…
The album comes to its final turns with “Let There Be Night” and the closing song is probably the best of the best on this record. I’d indeed welcome more songs like this in the future. It’s catchy and rather out from the usual Powerwolf style.
Did “Blessed And Possessed” manage to deliver it in the end anyway?




If you heard one record by Powerwolf, then you’ve probably heard them all.
It’s hard to say whether the band just refuses to be progressive in order to keep their fans satisfied or if they just can’t offer anything else.
Or maybe the label is responsible for this band basically releasing the same album over and over again and keeping up their image, but we’re not talking about labels here and I do not intend on doing so (And if it should ever happen, it will be in a blog post and not in a review).
But mentioning the band keeping up their image, we can’t really expect Powerwolf to change radically. They have a fanbase that loves them the way they are now and if the band would try out something new, it can lead to a massive loss.
But who knows?
Blessed And Possessed” definitely isn’t the Metal album of the year and I don’t understand what the hype is all about. It’s every other Powerwolf record recycled and there is nothing to be hyped about.
Why? Because we all heard it from them in the past!

Personal Favorites:

  • Sanctus Dominus
  • Sacramental Sister
  • Let There Be Night


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Written by M. Nyman – July 2015

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