NEØV live in Prague – 23/03/2019

Finland’s very own NEØV released their probably most delicate work “Volant” earlier this year – You definitely know that and in case you missed out, make sure to follow this link to listen right now!
YDP checked them out during their first show in Prague and mind you, it was a sight to behold!

Their third album breaks down everything you ever knew about this trio. That’s just one of the facts.
Now… You might think that things just can’t get better, right? Well, experiencing NEØV live is a near-otherworldly experience. The live sound was on par with what you can hear on the records and it’s been a while since I heard a band pulling off something like this. Any personal highlights? “The Rain People” was one of them, most likely… This show definitely left the crowds talking, as I noticed on my smoke break outside. But hey, this wasn’t intended to be a full-pledged show review. Let the images do the talking!

You might just as well hurry to catch them live while they’re on tour in Germany (They’re in Munich on 24th March – Come, come come!). Or you do your waiting. After all, it took me six years to finally catch them live. Not mentioning the various missed opportunities around 2015.

And oddly enough, “Volant” means “steering wheel” in Czech and this realization was on my mind for longer than deemed necessary…

Anyway, scroll down below to check out the gallery from this truly magical evening or find the photos at

Shot by M. Nyman-Sramkova

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