Delay Trees – Let Go


Released: 24/03/2017  FIN   |   Soliti

If you’re not familiar with Delay Trees, it’s better to go and check this band out before reading this review. Or… Do you know what? Keep on reading.
Delay Trees is a Finnish band and you could describe their music as Dream Pop with a bunch of other influences, but that’s why I wanted you to check them out first before reading this. Anyway, their fourth record “Let Go” will be released this Friday, we’ve been looking forward to this and now it’s time for me to tell you something about it!

The first thing that comes at you is called “Black Ice”. The opener doesn’t sound too big. In fact, the composition is rather minimalistic. The track flows by nicely while being incredibly catchy. There’s some kind of magic about “Black Ice”, but it doesn’t give everything away. You don’t know what’s gonna happen next. An exciting start.
If you’re into more experimental stuff, then the next track “Phases” is something for you. Besides that, we’ve found the first highlight of “Let Go”. There is something unconventional and interesting about this piece and you don’t hear things like that every day.

Brightest Eyes” is the first single that sparked off the anticipation for this record in the first place and if you want to get closer to the music of Delay Trees, this is a good place to begin with and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. And oh, that instrumental part is everything, just saying! Another highlight? Check!
The ride goes on with “Best Things” and you’ll get dragged into this track right away and it’s all topped with calm and somewhat familiarly-feeling melodies. But there’s so much more to come. For example… What do you expect from a song called “Sound Of Darkness”? Well, I’m sure you’re thinking about something depressing, dark and stuff… Expect this track is more melancholic than depressive. Now if you could just pay close attention to the part coming around 4:00. I truly enjoyed the guitar work there!

With “Blame It On The Snow”, Delay Trees get a bit closer to traditional Indie Rock with a hint of Shoegaze and I guarantee you, that after the second chorus you’ll be singing along. There’s nothing wrong about that. After all, you’re blaming it on the snow.
Our frequent readers may be familiar with the next track called “It’s Not Who You Are” – we featured the single’s video. After hearing the 1st single (“Brightest Eyes”, in case you want to get reminded), this one was more of a grower – even though it sounds like older material of Delay Trees. But still, “It’s Not Who You Are” conveys a message that one can relate to and that’s something we all know to appreciate.

What’s the next thing you’ll hear? It’s “Pale July” and this one is a bit different when compared to other tracks on “Let Go”. It’s building up just to deliver something unbelievable in the last part and that’s indeed something memorable. Afterwards you’re gonna hear the first tones of “Hum” (The lyrics are pretty hilarious) and who knows? Maybe you’ll get hooked within the first few seconds just like me. And then… We’re unfortunately getting closer to the end of “Let Go”. The final song bears the name “Hope” and there couldn’t be a better way to top this record off. It’s meaningless to lose any words about this. Just take a listen to this record once you get the chance.



Delay Trees did everything right on this record. It’s an album for everyone who knows how to appreciate music. It’s atmospheric and no matter how often you listen to it, it doesn’t get boring. There’s a lot to discover every time and that’s just one enjoyable aspect of it. On this album, you are able to find ten strong pieces, that make a statement. These songs will make you want to think about the music and that’s something that doesn’t happen way too often these days.
Let Go” is the most sophisticated record by Delay Trees (Be sure to check out “Readymade” and “Doze” anyway!) and you just don’t want to miss out on that.
There’s something special going on here. And a special record deserves our special 10/10 tag. We respect that!

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Personal favorites:

  • Brightest Eyes
  • Sound Of Darkness
  • Pale July
  • Hum

★★★★★★★★★★ // PERFECTION!

Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. March 2017.

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