Check out the brand new single by Chris Wicked – “Bare Deg Og Meg Og Natten”


Chris Wicked is a Bergen based Norwegian artist, composing dark songs in Norwegian and you probably might have heard of his band Malice In Wonderland before – Their debut album was released 13-ish years ago. Time flies. Anyway, his brand new single “Bare deg og meg og natten” came out today and you should take a listen to it.

Now, let’s just say that we fell in love with the atmospheric vibe of the track and the magical way it all unfolds. To be honest, we didn’t expect to hear something like this and are delighted. You’ll get it all once you take a listen to it. No need for us to tell you all about it. You’ll figure it out.

And if you want to hear some more material from Chris Wicked, then go and check out this acoustic version of “Eg går der ingen engler våger“. And that was only the beginning.


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