The Best Songs Of 2017 – YDP Edition vol. 2

2017 was so great, even HIM called it quits! Anyway, we’re sure you’ve been dying to know about our Best Of 2017 list.

Everybody is doing it, so we jumped on the bandwagon for once and created the only Best-of-2017-list that matters. We’re not even exaggerating.

You can expect to hear 20 absolutely badass tracks from artists that were featured on Your Dead Partner throughout the past 12 months as well as some new musical discoveries we made on the way.
And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about our live favorites and the artists we discovered and fell in love with at festivals!

There you go:

11. Dead by April – Our Worlds Collide

Okay, this track is ridiculously catchy. Let’s admit it. Seriously, do
Dead By April have one non-catchy track? We don’t think so. “Our Worlds Collide” was a true highlight on the band’s 2017 album, so why not include it on this list?


12. Satellite Stories – Waiting For

In 2017 we loved the vibe of this cool track by Satellite Stories. Do we need to add anything else? No, we don’t.


13. View – Say It Again

The hype around View is real and we understand why. It’s pretty understandable why this single taken from the rapper’s debut album “Leave A Comment” ended up on our list and if we didn’t already remind you… He’s coming to Vienna and Munich in February. A friendly reminder. As always.


14. Delay Trees – Brightest Eyes

RIP Delay Trees.


15. Soen – Stray

“I’ll do what I must and I hope that you trust in me…”
– Well, Soen (not to be confused with Solen) delivered quite some goosebump-moments with this year’s release. “Stray” happened to be the best track to represent that.


16. Leprous – Leashes

To keep up with the Prog Rock vibe on this list, we just had to include a song from “Malina” aka the new album by Leprous and their most sophisticated record to date. Both “Leashes” and “Malina” are pure magic. Trust us. But we don’t think you need to trust us to already know about that fact.


17. KUUMAA – Huuda lujempaa

One of our festival-discoveries is this up and coming Finnish band called Kuumaa. One of us discovered them on one cool evening in Tampere and… Well, it’s something fresh. And the frustration with IKEA-furniture seems to be real in that video…


18. Björk – The Gate

It’s Björk. It’s awesome. Okay? Okay. Good that we agree on that.


19. Musta valo – Suola-aavikko

We fell in love with the new Musta valo record called “Kaikki on haurasta” and you should do so too. And if this track is not enough to convince you, then you probably don’t have a heart… Sorry.


20. Solen – Miljonär

Well, Solen was one of the surprises that got recommended to us by Spotify and it took some time, but we fell in love with the shoegaze-ish vibe of their music as well as their record “Känslor säljer / Miljonär“. And this single is definitely one of the most addictive tracks of 2017.


This list is also available as a cool Playlist on Spotify!


Love & Take care.
The Partners.

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