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Released: 10/04/2015 GER

I can still remember the moment when I first came across the German Gothic/Industrial/Rock band called A Life Divided back in 2011 when they were touring with Apocalyptica as a supporting act. I remember I was very impressed by them and their second album “Passenger” (which was their breakthrough) got me with its everything.
In April A Life Divided who hail from the Bavarian town Geretsried released their latest album “Human”.
The next 48 minutes are not much of a human experience though if you get what I mean.

It all starts with “Burst” and it flows pretty well. It’s an opener that kinda tells you that you’re about to hear a good album, yet you still don’t really know what to expect… The band always had Electronic elements in their sound and that is what makes it different and more enjoyable from all the other German bands.
The Most Beautiful Black” follows and it doesn’t surprise you much if you have followed A Life Divided for a longer time.
The first single off “Human” is entitled “Inside Me” and the guys prove that catchy songwriting is their speciality.
Alright. Highlight number one is behind us.
On track four A Life Divided spice it up with the Metal-ish “Own Mistake” and then it goes down with “Right Where I Belong”. The calm part of “Human”.

Could You”. Well, I could not say that this is a bad track. It reminded me a lot of the material you’ll find on “Passenger”. A rather uninteresting Nu-Metal-ish verse followed by an explosive chorus.
I can say exactly the same thing about “Drive” as well. It won’t throw you from your seats, but you can’t say that you detest it.

But after the rather okay part of the album, you get to the next highlight. “My Apology” is… Take a listen to it, goddamn it…
And did “My Apology” get a single release? I think it did… I’m not sure anymore.
Believe” belongs to the average songs though. Both musically and lyrically.

I didn’t hope that a third highlight will happen on “Human” after hearing “My Apology”, but A Life Divided pulled that up as well. With “Lay Me Down”. The chorus speaks for everything.
The track “Happy End” is indeed a very Happy End for “Human”. The final parts of “Happy End” are on the verge of being mindblowing.
Afterwards you can go back to your everyday life again with the feeling of having heard a very cool album.





With “Human”, A Life Divided managed to bring out the perfect mix of their previous albums “The Great Escape” and “Passenger”. Nothing else to say.
I don’t even know what else I could say about it.
I would just like to hear something more experimental from A Life Divided cause everything I keep hearing from these guys is in the same Electro Rock style – which is still rather unique in the German area. You don’t find many German bands that manage to pull this style up perfectly.

Personal Favorites:

  • Inside Me
  • Own Mistake
  • My Apology
  • Lay Me Down
  • Happy End

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman, July 2015

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