Zeromancer – Bye-Bye Borderline


Released: 25.01.2013 NOR

The Norwegian Industrial Rock band Zeromancer released a brand new album. The follow-up of “The Death Of Romance” which was released back in 2010 is entitled “Bye-Bye Borderline” and since we didn’t hear much about the guys hailing from Norway since 2010, we can also consider “Bye-Bye Borderline” as a kind of a comeback album. And how did the band surprise their fans now?

Bye-Bye Borderline” starts with electronic tunes of the opener-song “Auf Wiedersehen Boy”. Alex Møklebust’s strong vocals, hard riffs and siren-like synths in the chorus – It’s an over all catchy track showing Zeromancer as we know them.
The title giving song and the following one is called “Bye-Bye Borderline”. Another pretty catchy piece, resembling the sound of something in between the albums “Zzyzx” and “Sinners International”. The chorus has big chances to get stuck in your head for a long time though.
The band surely put these three songs into the same order intentionally.
LCYD” aka “Love Cuts You Deep” is maybe the best one on this album. A nice song to sing along, supported by nice guitar riffs by Dan Heide and Møklebust’s touching and refined vocals. I can imagine this being a new single. Well, sure it belongs to my list of favorite songs.

A big amount of catchy tracks is making an album immediately too “poppy”? Bullshit! Zeromancer have many catchy songs, shitloads on “Bye-Bye Borderline” but it’s still everything but not poppy to me…
You Meet People Twice” comes up and the heavier part can begin? More or less. The heavy riffs are still interrupted by synths refining everything but it still fits somehow. Also here I had the feeling I’m listening to a random song from an older album.
Then you got “Manoeuvres”. It isn’t much surprising after so many songs sounding similar, but the nice chorus is surely worth mentioning. Is it me or I like Alex’s vocals more than ever on this album?

The maybe most electronic track on “Bye-Bye Borderline” is called “Weakness”. Well, unfortunately this track has it’s title really deserved. For me it’s the weakest track on this album. You will hear “Lace And Armour” next and it’s the Industrial Rock anthem of this album but it didn’t really impress me and the fact that it’s finally somewhat heavier than the rest of the songs you find on this album is not really helping.

Montreal” is the name of the next song. A calmer one, comparable with “Cupola” from “Eurotrash”. And a really good chrous gives it the twist to a very well done ballad.
After this rather touching piece, something odd comes up.

“You are dust and to dust you shall return”

That’s the start of “Ash Wednesday”.To be honest, it made me feel a bit creepy. Well, it’s a bit creepy song though. I won’t say much about it since this one kinda killed the whole feeling of the album… Unfortunately.
The Tortured Artist”. The final song of “Bye-Bye Borderline”. It starts rather like an 80’s synthpop song but the guitar part in the intro changes that a bit. Well, I got a bit bored in the middle of the song though.


Catchy like “Eurotrash”, monotone like “Zzyzx”, some parts reminding me of “Sinners International”… Well, nothing can beat “Eurotrash” and “Clone Your Lover” anyway…

It’s still a listenable album but 5 really good tracks are nothing when you got 10 tracks total.
Anyway,  Zeromancer did a solid album with “Bye-Bye Borderline” again. Not bad but not groundbreaking either. “Bye-Bye Borderline” proves to be an album for die-hard fans of this Norwegian group.
7 out of 10 points is surely a fair rating for this album.

Personal favorites:

  • Bye-Bye Borderline
  • LCYD
  • You Meet People Twice
  • Montreal


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, January 2013

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