Your Dead Partner Talks – vol. 2





The Norwegian band Seigmen released their latest studio effort “Enola” last year, the cover artwork  (shot by Bjørn Opsahl) being the most stunning thing 2015 has seen, regarding cover photographs.

Not even a year later, the Finnish Glam Rockers of Reckless Love announce the release of “InVader”. Their fourth record and whatsoever. Okay.
But then I noticed something…


Here. Have the cover for “InVader” (2016).


And here’s “Enola” (2015).


So… Where did we see that one again? Oh, right!
InVader” looks a lot like “Enola”. It looks so much like “Enola” it actually hurts. And you don’t really have to take a closer look at the covers to see the obvious.
Let that sink in for a while.

There you have it. Seems like Reckless Love ran out of ideas for what to put on an album cover.


From Salzburg with Love,

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