Check out XNYMFO’s Ciabatta Wounds – New single out now!


XNYMFO releases a new single called “Ciabatta Wounds” on psykbunkern and it’s totally bonkers.

The single is a roudy hip-hop song with latin rythms about the ciabatta related injuries in the nineties. XNYMFO is a fresh force in the music scene. An eruption of ecstasy that only wants you to put your motherfucking hands in the air and get wild.

Hot damn, “Ciabatta Wounds” sounds like Madonna on acid and we’re living for XNYMFO‘s attitude. And if you can’t get enough (we’re more than sure that you’ll want to hear more!) of her sick beats, be sure to check out her debut single “Psycho Gigolo” – You’re in for something… Well, truly psycho.
You go, girl.


Source: psykbunkern

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