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Released: 03/03/2017  FIN |

As we have informed you before, Wolfheart are back with s brand new record called “Tyhjyys” (“Emptiness”) and it’s better we keep this introduction short and let’s get talking about this record right away. So… What can you expect from Wolfheart this time?
Do you want to know? Stick with us to find out more!

And so it all begins with “Shores Of The Lake Simpele”. Now such an opener will just make you want to hear more from this record. No matter whether you’re already familiar with Wolfheart (or any other projects of Tuomas Saukkonen) or not… Your interest will be awaken. Believe us.
The ride goes on with the first single release taken from “Tyhjyys”. “Boneyard” comes around and at some point you’ll get the feeling, that this track wants to smash your face to pieces – in a non-negative way, of course. This track goes from being fucking hostile to something epic and in the end you’ll end up with an outro which has a rather Progressive Metal feel to it. Take a listen to this if you’re into some extreme stuff and let Wolfheart blow your mind.

But still, we’re looking for a true highlight of “Tyhjyys” and it looks like we found one of them! “World On Fire” might even remind you a bit of Before The Dawn, but much more technical and aggressive – is aggressive the right word? You decide. And let’s admit it, the guitar work on “Tyhjyys” is extraordinary – did you expect anything else from Wolfheart?
Anyway, we’re moving on to second single “The Flood” which is the next thing that will blow your mind. Looks like we reached the coolest part of this record and truth to be told, we’re enjoying it very much! Just take a listen for yourself. This is something that deserves to be heard!

The Rift” follows and now… This one kinda sounds like a shamanic ritual in the beginning and in case we didn’t make it evident enough, you just won’t find a weak song on “Tyhjyys”. Every track is unique in its own kind, making up a very solid piece of music. And that’s something we can love and appreciate. After everything we heard until now, “Call Of The Winter” ceased to amaze us the way like the previous tracks did. It flowed by, making way to “Dead White” which confirmed that you can’t really put this record into words. How sweet!

Now… Did you need another highlight? Well, there it is! The title track “Tyhjyys” shows off all aspects of the band’s songwriting and it goes for beyond that. This one sums this whole record up in the most glorious way and in case you wondered… It’s in Finnish. Well, ladies and gentlemen… Guess we got the best Metal album of 2017 settled.




We’re serious about the thing with the best Metal album of 2017.
Tyhjyys” will show you Wolfheart from a brand new perspective. When compared to the band’s previous records, “Tyhjyys” is the most sophisticated and hard-hitting one. The sound is also more accessible and it’s easier for you to get into the music but at the same time, Wolfheart stay true to themselves. It’s a very detailed record and you need to take several listening sessions before uncovering everything it offers and once you let it all sink in, you’ll truly understand what a masterpiece “Tyhjyys” is. Let’s see if someone can top this.

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Personal favorites:

  • World On Fire
  • The Flood
  • Tyhjyys



Written by YDP-Collective. March 2017.

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