We are looking for Reviewers!

Hi. Read the title if you wanna know what this post is all about. And yes, you heard it right. We are expanding a little and so we’re looking for people who have fun writing album reviews!

There are certain things mentioned at the end of the amazingly boring video above, but it’s better to list it all here again:

If writing stuff about music is your thing, chances are, you’ll find your place here on Your Dead Partner. Keep in mind that a sense of humor is greatly appreciated as well as an understanding for irony. Your writing style should be structured and witty at parts – you know we just love puns that go with song titles – and you shouldn’t give a shit about what people will think about your review.
We need someone with good English skills and you should be confident in formulating your opinions about the music and… You know what? Just send some writing samples to Misha. She’ll take care of it.

The Partner wants you. 

From Salzburg with Love,
MNS, R, J & N 


About The Partner

The all knowing Partner is watching you. But don't worry. The Partner will listen and care about your music.