Von Hertzen Brothers – Nine Lives

Released: 15.03.2013 FIN

A true band of brothers. MikkoKie and Jonne von Hertzen who are accompanied by Mikko Kaakkuriniemi on drums and Juha Kuoppala on the keyboards released their 5th studio album entitled “Nine Lives” on the 15th March 2013 and here are my impressions on this album.

Nine Lives” starts with the energetic song entitled “Insomniac”.
From the beginning on you hear the classic hooks and alternative elements as we’re used from this Finnish band. Over all, the song is pretty catchy but not as much as the single and the following song “Flowers And Rust”, starting with a sweet piano intro and a über-catchy main riff. It truly a piece that surely stays in one’s head for a long time and is also very recognizable. One of the best songs off “Nine Lives”.

Coming Home” comes up and the lead vocals are now sung by Kie von Hertzen, which was a nice surprise for me. The chorus full of energy is again something that will occupy your brain for some time and also this song belongs to my favorite-list.
After this good-mood song we got “Lost In Time” and we got also Mikko back on the leads. The first riff may remind you of something as it does me, but that’s only the first riff. This song is pretty experimental, containing bit silent and neat verses but the climax of this sing occurs when the again very catchy chorus comes up. Another masterpiece on this album and along with “Flowers And Rust”.

After 4 awesome tracks we got a plenty of tracks that didn’t get me that much but still, they simply exist, making the experience of “Nine Lives” even more intense.
Seperate Forevers” is a track that simply needs to grow on you. Everything fits that good, but yet mysterious mood of “Nine Lives”. The thing that really got me were Mikko von Hertzen’s vocals.
After that interesting track you’ll hear “One May Never Know”, another experimental piece.
Talking about experimental and progressive songs… “World Without” starts like something you’ll hear in a church – Well, you can expect more or less everything Von Hertzen Brothers when it comes to music. But after that vocal-intro you got the actual song. A nice sounding chorus, but still it’s a bit weaker track for me as well as “Black Heart’s Cry” where I thought if I’m listening to a very modern mash-up of Country, Rock, Alternative and some other genres with some The Beatles-ish vocals in the chorus. At least it sounds like that to me…

Prospect For Escape” comes up next and it’s also the longest song of the album and now we got Von Hertzen Brothers as we know them. The song has something special in it. That guitar solo… Great work and another song, that I’d advise you to listen to.
The last song of this album is called “Time & Summer” and is another extremely good-mood track from the beginning. I guess this album needed this a bit odd track. The vocals in the verses are really… Really unique sounding – Reminding me of some 80s Hair Metal band…
But as I said a bit before… We can really expect things from these Finns.

Summary: “Nine Lives” is one of the albums by Von Hertzen Brothers where I actually liked more than just one song and it has everything a good album should have. Some hit-songs, some average songs, something really surprising and something that you didn’t like much. It’s a very creative album and its cover is also well-done… Do I have to add anything more? Not really. It’s an album worth listening, it gets better with every listen you give to it and the 8 from 10 points is surely a fair rating for “Nine Lives”.

Personal favorites:

  • Flowers And Dust
  • Coming Home
  • Lost In Time
  • Seperate Forevers
  • Prospect For Escape


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman – March 2013 – Edited July 2014

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