Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising


Released: 20/03/2015 FIN

Releasing their fifth album “Nine Lives” in 2013, our favorite Finnish brothers are back again, armed with “New Day Rising”.
The album came out in March, Your Dead Partner wrote a review but somehow failed to upload it on time. Well, better late than never!
Anyway, let’s take a listen to “New Day Rising” together and find out what Von Hertzen Brothers have to offer this time, shall we?

The record is starting with one of my favorite tunes of 2015 so far. The single bearing the name “New Day Rising” won’t leave you cold at all and the catchy chorus will just force you to sing along with the band. Hell of an opener if you ask me. Von Hertzen Brothers did it again.
You Don’t Know My Name” continues and is not less epic than the previous track. The typical sound of this band’s is captured here.
I didn’t expect that the following thing happens this soon already, but “Trouble” just won a place in my heart. “Trouble” has something from “Stars Aligned” in its structure but it still doesn’t really copy the sound from anything that you can find on the 2011 album.
And just listen to that explosive chorus… Hell… Do you still wonder why this is the ultimate favorite song off “New Day Rising”?

Black Rain” is the next thing you’ll hear. We need something to calm down after something like “Trouble” was, right? Well, “Black Rain” is the perfect track to do this.
It’s not sticking out much, but you won’t be disappointed after hearing it.
It might also be a grower for some just as “Hold Me Up” was for me for a very long time. I listened to “New Day Rising” many times before writing this review and I just can get into this one now as I’m writing this. Don’t ask me why.
Anyway, the ride goes on! “Love Burns” is coming up next! This one is quite experimental when compared to the rest of the album. But experiments is something you should be already used from Von Hertzen Brothers!
Other than that, this track belongs to my personal favorites. Why not, right?

And… Oh, look! Another grower! This one’s called “Dreams” and come on, some variation is always good! Why do I still call songs like this growers?
But… Let’s get more epic, okay? If you look for another epic track, then “Sunday Child” is coming right at you! You’ll probably understand after the 10th time of listening to the album what’s exactly happening in there, but damn… Whatever is happening, it’s fucking awesome!
The Destitute” sounds a little bit like something Muse would do. That was the first impression I got. Then the synth hook came and it sounded like Von Hertzen Brothers again. Well, the chorus is pretty cool too. Maybe you should reconsider taking a listen to this one too…
No, joking. You should listen to this whole album. Trust me.
With “Hibernating Heart”, “New Day Rising” comes into its final turns. And let’s not say anything now. Let’s keep quiet and enjoy this one. That’s all.



I probably used this sentence earlier, but let’s repeat it cause it’s entirely true:
Von Hertzen Brothers did it again.
New Day Rising” is… A very nice album. Something between “Stars Aligned” and “Nine Lives” but nothing above it. It offers a couple really strong tracks which you shouldn’t miss and overall, it won’t disappoint you at all.
It’s hard to rate too. At one point I felt like giving “New Day Rising” 7/10, and at another point it’s 9/10 again and right now it’s 8/10, so something in between. That’s adequate.

No matter what, you shouldn’t miss out on seeing Von Hertzen Brothers live in Munich on the 27th November 2015. In Backstage Club.
Your Dead Partner approves.

Personal favorites:

  • New Day Rising
  • Trouble
  • Love Burns
  • Sunday Child

Take a Listen:



Written by Misha Nyman, March 2015 – Minor Update in September 2015

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