VIEW – Leave A Comment

Released: 17/11/2017  FIN

It’s great to see that Finnish artists are slowly gaining more recognition in Austria lately. It happened the other day that one person from my city thought it’s a great idea to introduce me to View and his work, saying he just discovered the up and coming rapper from Finland. “Great. Did you know he’s releasing his debut album on Friday?” was my reaction. The hipster-feeling was strong.

And we’ve gathered here today to read a comment about an album called “Leave A Comment“. Welcome, welcome.

Boy, he’s about to do it all again… And “Do It Again” is also the name of the opener and if you never heard anything about View before (which probably won’t be the case by now), this track will perfectly introduce you to what it’s all about. Dark and rather mysterious vibes are what makes View stand out from the mass. But you’ll learn more. Trust me.
Pour Me Up” follows with a more Trip-Hop-ish approach and a flowing arrangement, it all evolving into a strong, screaming drop. And oh, Tuomo delivers a feature too. Just saying.

Minimalism is the key-word on “Hindenburg” as the main focus lies in the lyrics and a message that will make you understand what this record is about. It all fades out and the first tones of “Trippin’ Sober” can be heard soon after. One of the must-hear singles of this year. That’s all you need to know. 

On “Deeper (Bitch Leave A Comment)” you can hear some minor Pop-elements as well, making it all unfold in a glorious way and then… Well, then it hits you. Or more like… “Bad Habits” hit you… And admit it to yourself, you didn’t expect to hear any of that. “Leave A Comment” is much more than expected. That’s for sure.

Burn Slow” represents the return of some female vocals again and eventually we get to “Say It Again” – I’m sure you heard about this track too. We’ve talked about it when it came out and you can watch the video here. “Say It Again” is pretty much one of the catchiest tracks on “Leave A Comment” as the chorus just sucks you right into the music, dragging you through the deep soundscapes.
Leave A Comment” comes to its final turns with “Long Night” and by the time I’m finished writing this, it’s truly been a long night… And you have to find it all out for yourself. You’re alone in this.

View makes things in a different way and his debut album “Leave A Comment” is here to make a statement. You’ll find an extravagant ambience throughout the whole record without it sounding too over-produced or something… No. That’s not the case here. “Leave A Comment” is honest and unforgiving in a way.
And the more your listen to it, the clearer the message gets. A strong debut record that is appealing to a wide range of listeners.

And beware, View‘s coming to Munich and Vienna in February next year. You don’t want to miss out on that.


Take A Listen:


Personal favorites:
Pour Me Up
Trippin’ Sober
Bad Habits

★★★★★★★★☆☆ // Very Good. Nothing else to add here.


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