“Ta mig hem” – Check out the brand new single by Verkligheten

If you were looking for something new, then look no further cause we’ve found a track you’ll want to hear on repeat this entire week! It’s the debut single “Ta mig hem” by Verkligheten – An Indie duo from Stockholm.

We don’t always discover new artists through Instagram, but when we do, it’s really, really amazing. Just like the debut single by Verkligheten. “Ta mig hem(translates to “Take me home” for all you non-Swedish speakers out there) is definitely something you have to listen more than once. The single gets catchier the more you listen to it, it’s highly enjoyable, exciting and the funky vibe will grab you and never let you go again.

This track will get stuck in your head. Trust us.
And besides all of that, we’re looking forward to hear some more from Verkligheten soon. A high-quality debut single like this won’t go unnoticed, right? Right.

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