Verkligheten are back with “Du lär dig med tiden” – New single out now!


If you thought that this band’s debut single “Ta mig hem” was a bomb, then get prepared for this because “Du lär dig med tiden” will hit you hard! Again.

We told you something about Verkligheten and their music before and in case you missed it (how could you?) – here’s your chance to do your homework before you continue reading.

While the duo’s debut single can be considered as one of the more exceptional ones we have heard this year so far because of the fact it perfectly showcased the band’s songwriting qualities, “Du lär dig med tiden(that means something like “You’ll learn with time” in Swedish) brings a slightly more dramatic and slightly aggressive vibe along with it. You kinda expected this thing to happen, but at the same time you have not. And that’s the twist in it that makes “Du lär dig med tiden” a fun track.

Now go and take a listen for yourself. And let’s just add that Verkligheten seems to be one of Sweden’s most interesting Indie acts at the moment. If this doesn’t get you hooked, then we don’t know what will.


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