When you’re on a destructive diet and Van Dammes release a video to “Risky Business”

Van Dammes from Helsinki brought out an EP just a few days ago. It’s called “Risky Business“.
Risky Business” is also the name of the opening track of the EP. And that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. It’s all about risky business today, baby. Or not.

I opened my Facebook feed for the first time in 2019 and this video above is what I ran across… Yes, I found this absurdly hilarious video by Van Dammes and felt like rediscovering them again. I remember they released some dope stuff back in 2015, so hey, why not go and check this out, right?
Well, I didn’t know what I’m getting into, so if you’re craving pizza right now… Or you’re on a killer-diet of 1.200 calories the day… Don’t watch this video. You’ll get triggered. Thank me later.

Instead, you can go and take a listen to the whole “Risky Business” EP on Spotify over here. It’s quite a catch. Songs like “I Don’t Like Music Anymore” and “Tax Free World” caught my attention immediately. I think you can go, take a listen yourself and guess why.
Also, Van Dammes are going on a Eurotour soon and they’ll be stopping in various places in Germany and in Kladno, which is like just outside of Prague. One kilometer away from Prague Airport. So come, come, come Prague people!

Now let’s order a pizza and eat one slice a day while hysterically counting calories. That’s what fashion does to you, kids. 🍕


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