V For Violence – The Book Of V


Released: 28-08-2015 FIN


2009 marked the release of the debut album entitled “The Cult Of V” – An album that made me aware of V For Violence in the first place, but didn’t necessarily find a place between my favorite records though.
Six years later, the Alternative Metal act from Helsinki strikes back with “The Book Of V”.
A book desired to be read.
An album desired to be heard.
And what can you expect?

The Book Of V” begins with the first single “The Hated Saint” and here it already becomes obvious that many things that I missed in the previous album can be found here.
V For Violence manage to blend elements of Industrial Metal and bloody Heavy Metal with melodic hooks, making way to their very own distinctive sound. You can find a perfect proof for that in “The Downfall Pt. I: To Feel Alive”.
If you thought that “The Book Of V” is too soft on you until now, then let “Never Enough” hit you in the face. This is a track for all the headbangers out here!

Like It Like That” sounds very promising in the beginning, but doesn’t really stand out from the crowd and in “I Need You” you’ll stumble across a minor Gothic vibe. It is a track, that I can only recommend to you. No questions asked.
The ride continues with “A Place To Fill” and the first words that came into my mind when wanting to describe this one were “Fucking sick, man!”. Best description ever, right?
V For Violence surprised me with something rather odd on both “God On A Trial” and “Sodomedia”. And now don’t approach me asking me what it was. I won’t be able to tell you, so you better go and take a listen to those tracks yourself.

Not A Word” flows by nicely and the final seconds where probably the most intense ones and then a song called “What The Fuck!” came up. Can I react on this one with saying “What the fuck was this?!” – in a good way? Well, I already did.
The final chapter of “The Book Of V” is called “The Downfall Pt. II: Armourageddon” and such a ending of an album is always appreciated. The track summarizes everything you could hear on the previous 10 tracks. Another add to the personal favorites list ahead!



The Book Of V” is a very solid record with many highlights. It may not grow on you on the first listen, but I think that this is exactly what makes it worth checking out.
As I already mentioned, in “The Book Of V” I could hear everything that I ever wanted to hear from V For Violence and everything that was missing on the band’s debut album was present this time. And bands like V For Violence are the only ones that can still bring something new to the Metal genre and we should appreciate that.


Personal Favorites:

  • The Hated Saint
  • The Downfall Pt. I: To Feel Alive
  • I Need You
  • The Downfall Pt. II: Armourageddon


Take A Listen:




Written by Misha Nyman – August 2015

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