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News from Finland once again! Unzyme from Jyväskylä is quite notorious for their unconventional concept of Biomechanical Pop and wearing lab coats. That’s what makes this band’s image so memorable. Combining catchy and energetic melodies with deep lyrics to electronic soundscapes, Unzyme has just released their third album “Transplant” and let’s not waste any time, we’re gonna check it out and tell you what we think.

With an opener like “Tied Into A Frame” you can be sure that you’ll get everyone (yes, everyone. Even a person that randomly came across this on Spotify) interested in hearing the remainder of the album. “Tied Into A Frame” is mysterious and it doesn’t really give everything away from what’s gonna come and the chorus reminded me of some old-school Dark Wave from Germany.
The next thing you’re gonna hear bears the name “The Completionist” which is a rather minimalistic track with an uplifting beat and a strong chorus. But still, this isn’t your average Electro Pop and it becomes evident why the band describes their music as Biomechanical Pop. There are some futuristic elements as well as some Industrial stuff involved and it’s all very well balanced.
So if you’re interested in finding more about Unzyme, trust the Partner and take a listen to “The Completionist”. You won’t be disappointed.

Lie Down In Debris” has some serious hit-single potential right here. The only downside is, that the verses couldn’t really keep up with the energy of the chorus and ended up sounding a bit drowned in the end, making the song unmemorable even though the chorus was outstanding. Too bad, actually… It was like two different worlds that just don’t want to merge.
Track number four named “Until The Guilt Is Forgiven” will remind you of some German Dark Wave again to some extent and other than that, it’s a solid song that doesn’t stick out much. Nicely done, nice to listen to.
Transplant” continues with “Solace On The Run” and at this point I’m thinking whether this album will ever turn some drastic turn and stop feeling one-faced. Musically, you can feel some kind of tunnel vision going on, if you know what I mean.
The songwriting is very thought-through, but every song relies on one structure and that structure gets repetitive after a few times.
The glitch in the final few seconds were cool though. Finally something unexpected!

I wished for a drastic turn, right? Well, here it is! “Misconstruced” is here to save the day.
It was something between Scooter and Nine Inch Nails (probably) with some subtle hints of Dubstep and that made this track to a very good surprise.
The well-known song structure (the one I was talking about in the last paragraph) comes back with “Raided Room” though and you get the feeling that you said it all.
Another spark of hope light up with “Extinction” and here I’m starting to think that the music of Unzyme works better with some visuals than stand-alone. You can check out the video to this track right here and make yourself an opinion on that.
The video made this song fucking awesome and without it, “Extinction” was another track that fluctuated between hit-single and perfectly average.
Well, Unzyme know how to get the visual side of music making to work and that’s always nice to see!

Afterwards we get to the solid “Wargame” with a semi-memorable chorus and the promising “Incision” which turned to be quite straight forward once more. It’s thoroughly nice, but we’re looking for diversity when writing about music too. This part of the record was uninspiring at best.
Transplant” comes to its final turns with “The Map That Led Me Here” which was indeed a very good ending for this record, managing to bring all the good aspects of the album together. You’re left with a solid record. And something to think about…



Unzyme indeed developed musically since the release of their second album “Override” (came out in 2015) and “Transplant” is a proof of that. The songwriting got more defined and every aspect of the record is detailed, which is a very positive thing. But somehow you get the feeling that something is stuck on repeat which makes “Transplant” less diverse. Of course there were a few moments that stood out, but the majority was nothing more than okay. It’s a nice listen and there was nothing bothering about this record. Nothing provocative. Nothing that would make the music stay in your mind for longer than five minutes.

There is a very strong potential though and tracks that could’ve been hit-singles if things would be more outside the box. But hey, it’s the band’s third album and Unzyme is one of the few Finnish bands that try to do something the different way so we can be sure to see something truly exciting from them in the future.

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Personal favorites:

  • The Completionist
  • Misconstructed
  • Extinction

★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ //  OK. A solid record. Note that this is more like 6.5!

Written by YDP Collective. May 2017.


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