Uniklubi – Tulennielijä

Yes, there are non-Finnish people who’ve heard about Uniklubi in the past (I heard they had quite a fanbase in Germany) and I think it’s safe to say that this Tampere based band was the first one to bring Finnish lyrics outside the borders of Finland.

Now, it’s been 8 years since the band’s last release “Kultakalat“, the band surprised everybody with the single “Sydän janoaa” back in 2014 but the long-ish wait for a brand new album has come to an end – “Tulennielijä” got released on Friday, 13th April 2018 and you can continue reading to find out what to expect from it.

The title song opens the album in a fairly predictable way, yet it still offers a quite catchy chorus and elements that are just typical for the band’s songwriting style. Other than that, it’s a nice Pop Rock track that flows by nicely, not disappointing you in any way.
Pakkopaita” comes up next and being one of the first singles from this album, you can expect to hear a promising piece with some hit potential. But somehow, the hit potential stays hidden behind the monotone-sounding guitar riffs.
A spark of hope seems to appear along with “Melankolia” – Indeed, this song gets better with every listen, but at some point you feel that there were just too many ideas poured into this track, making it sound inconsistent at parts. If you forget about this fact, you end up with a semi-highlight. Yes, this is a promise. “Tulennielijä” gets better!

Sydänkesä” manages to show Uniklubi in a new light while still staying on the same wavelength as the remainder of what you’ve heard until now. No alarms and surprises to be found here. Same thing goes for “Hei hei tähdenlento” – A pretty average track that unfortunately doesn’t offer anything memorable. That changes with “Kielletty kaupunki” though. A powerful song that will lead you to the more experimental part of “Tulennielijä“. Now, “Hauras mieli” isn’t exactly what you’d like it to be as the folk-ish elements turn out to be a bit out of place.
Moving on to “Ainiaan“, you’ll soon find out that this is the track you’ve been waiting for this entire time. Here Uniklubi seem to step out from their own shadow and create something truly unexpected – Something they haven’t done before. Make sure to check this track out and pay attention to “Laavaa” too, as that song finally gives you the impression that there’s a hit-single present on this record.
The last song you’ll hear on “Tullenielijä” bears the name “Laulu jätetyille” and it will remind you of some kind of a reprise to “Ainiaan” in a way. But that doesn’t change the fact that it makes up to a nice ending for this album. It might not be one of the most convincing albums ever when it comes to your first impressions, but… Eventually, “Tulennielijä” will grow on you. Someday.

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Kielletty kaupunki




Uniklubi still got it. That’s for sure. Their new record combines elements found within the band’s earlier material with something new and matured while not going over the top though.
It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album and you will find your favorite songs right away. It might not become a classic (Does anyone out here still remember the band’s 2005 album “Kehä“?), but it’s a solid record nevertheless. It’s fun. And that’s everything that counts.

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