Unearthed Elf – Into The Catacomb Abyss


Release: 31/10/2016 USA

Unearthed Elf is a one-man band from Milwaukee WI, USA, a solo project of “epic fantasy power doom metal” by Keith D (from the band Arctic Sleep).

Do you know what’s more exciting than Halloween? Well, you wouldn’t have guessed it.
It’s the debut album by Unearthed Elf called “Into The Catacomb Abyss”, which is actually coming out this Halloween and today we’re here to tell you what to expect.
And don’t let the unreadable band-logo mislead you! There’s something much cooler than Black Metal waiting for you!

The title track “Into The Catacomb Abyss” will hit you hard with its heavy and powerful riffs as well as an ice cold ambience that could probably remind you of some Scandinavian Metal band.
You have to wait a little for the vocals though, but that’s the moment where you’ll get hooked.
After a very solid opener, we get to hear “Never See The Sun Again” and this one will blow you away with its melancholic chorus and impressive guitar-work.
Did I mention that Unearthed Elf is actually a one-man band? I did, but I’ll remind you anyway. You’re welcome.

Eternal Night” follows in a very mysterious manner and that’s one of the Doom Metal moments on “Into The Catacomb Abyss” and excuse me, I just couldn’t find the right words for this one. Take a listen to it, make your own opinion. I’m blown away.
Then we have an intermission going under the name “Gauntlets Of Volcanic Doom”, which flows by quite nicely, resolving into “Vial Of Holy Water Found In An Ancient, Cobweb-Laden Mausoleum” (which could be easily shortened to “Vial Of Holy Water”, unless the über-long name has a deeper meaning to it). Anyway, the choirs really added up to the mood of the song, making the whole thing even more dark and probably also a little bit symphonic.
Candles In The Crypt” takes the position of another intermission/filler and what comes afterwards is quite a hit-song in it’s own way. “Lighting The Mummy On Fire” will get engraved in your mind for a while… And be sure to pay attention to the last minutes of this track! That’s where it gets epic.

Alright, we’re moving on to song number eight, which goes under the name “Realm Of The Beholder” and… Why did I think about In Flames when hearing the intro?
Real Of The Beholder” is packed with interesting melodies that make this record to what it is.
However, Unearthed Elf will surprise you on “Ossified Remains”, which is the most Black-Metal-like thing you’ll hear. What happens then? “A Forest Of Gravestones” happens and pretty much sums the whole album up. Everything you heard gets reflected here and it even gets a bit djenty in the end. What a great way to sign off an album.



Into The Catacomb Abyss” is probably the hottest record I heard in a long time in its genre. The dark mood gets unfolded by beautiful melodies and it all just fits.
Unearthed Elf perfectly blends elements of Power, Doom and a little bit or Progressive Metal and creates something unique and authentic. Yes, the lack authenticity is the main thing I miss among other Metal acts and Unearthed Elf has it.
If you’re looking for new and exciting tunes, “Into The Catacomb Abyss” could be definitely your choice. So get yourself ready, 31st October 2016 is just around the corner!

Personal Favorites:

  • Never See The Sun Again
  • Eternal Night
  • A Forest Of Gravestones

Take A Listen:
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Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. September 2016.

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