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Released: 26/01/2018  GER  |  

Tocotronic VS The World VS The Infinity. With their 12th album “Die Unendlichkeit“, the German Rock band Tocotronic has released a concept album of 12 autobiographical chapters. Sounds good, right? Let’s grab some gin & tonic and talk about this record for a while, shall we? Good idea.

As unexpected as it might be, “Die Unendlichkeit(No, we won’t provide any translations, there’s no time for that) is the first thing you’ll hear on the album going under the same title. The opener is veiled in a mysterious vibe and post-rockish elements that make it close to irresistible.

“In die Unendlichkeit und noch viel weiter…” 

The lyrical theme of “Tapfer und grausam” is what makes this track stand out and you can feel some kind of youthfulness in this one and the first highlight of this album comes around together with “Electric Guitar” and its dose of reflection to the teenage angst. Things get intense on “Hey Du” and “Ich lebe in einem wilden Wirbel” which will somewhat remind you of earlier Tocotronic material. Then you’ll hear “1993” – One of the singles taken from this record – and that uplifting track leads to a breaking point. We’re leaving the Punk part of this album and get to hear the minimalistic and almost theatrical arrangement of “Unwiederbringlich“. A truly touching piece that feels completely out of place in the beginning, but you will understand it all someday. “Die Unendlichkeit” is not an easy pill to swallow. That’s for sure.

Bis uns das Licht vertreibt” follows and the mood is completely different. Again. Talking about what’s going on in this track feels to be a bit overrated,  but we’re living for the bass line in this one. And if there’s anything else we’re living for… It’s “Ausgerechnet du hast mich gerettet” and its orchestral parts that make the song unforgettable. We have found the 2nd highlight of “Die Unendlichkeit“. At the same point we realized how weird it feels to write a non-German review about a German album. We’re dealing with a certain feeling of insecurity here.
Ich würd’s dir sagen” showcases Tocotronic in a brand new light once more and the theremin that you could hear somewhere during the first few minutes of the record returns on “Mein Morgen” – There are some magical moments involved here.
The 12th song on “Die Unendlichkeit” bears the name “Alles was ich immer wollte” and if that isn’t a perfect final song for an album like this, then we don’t know what is.

“Alles was ich immer wollte war alles – Und was sagt Google dazu?”

And can we also talk about the lyrics throughout this record? Doesn’t really make much sense as the majority of our readers aren’t German-speaking, or does it? Anyway, keep in mind that Tocotronic is coming to Salzburg soon. Read about it here!


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Personal favorites: 

Electric Guitar
Hey Du
Bis uns das Licht vertreibt
Ausgerechnet du hast mich gerettet

  • 9.1/10
    Tocotronic – Die Unendlichkeit - 9.125/10


“Oh yeah, that’s a fine record.” – Yeah, that’s what you’ll think after you first hear “Die Unendlichkeit” by Tocotronic. It won’t really do anything with your feelings at first, but once you take the next listen, you’ll suddenly realize what’s happening on this album for real. If you understand what is being sung by Dirk von Lowtzow, that is. The experience might be completely different if you don’t understand German at all. But you tell us.
Die Unendlichkeit” is an incredibly strong record and 99% of the magic lies in the lyrics. It’s wonderfully meaningful and pretty much the most meaningful album we’ve come across lately.

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