The Best Of The Best – These were your favorite songs in 2018

2018 was an intense year in music, but we’re not sure in what way. Spice Girls announced a comeback (or did they?), Avicii passed away and Disco Ensemble called it quits. We decided to keep silent, but still kept up with new trends and new releases. In silence…

This year, we set our focus on Swedish music and we covered some cool gigs all the way from Munich to Vienna and Stockholm while trying to figure out things and following trends. The banner is in Living Coral. Deal with it.

We’ve been silent. We know. But we have this playlist for you. Here you’ll find all tracks that made our 2018 a little bit better and bearable. Featuring singles by Grimes, Tocotronic, Blind Channel and The Mobile Homes.

But then this idea came up. Well, not much of an idea than it was an experiment. We picked out 12 songs and if you follow us on Instagram (@yourdeadpartner) then you definitely know what happened. We decided to do some public voting. Yes, you heard it – Our followers decided on the best song of 2018.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Best Of The Best by YDP. And this is how our readers and followers voted:


12. Jesse Markin – Treat

Signed under VILD Music, we came across Jesse‘s music around the time his debut solo single “Blood” was released and well, it got us hooked! His sound is minimalistic, somewhat experimental and exotic and overly catchy, but not in a way that every single track will become something like your best friend instantly. You have to dive deep and explore a little. “Treat” turned out to be the most accessible track until now and we just had to add it to our Best Of The Best list to add a cool twist.


11. Kerli – Savages

We just keep on falling in love with the vibes Kerli is sending out into the world. “Savages” was her first single after quite some time (two years, we think?!) and it was just… Savage. There might be a video coming out to this track soon, so we’ll keep looking forward to that. The visuals of this Estonian songstress never cease to amaze us. 💎


10. Little Jinder – Pinocchio

Little Jinder blew us away with her single “Hålla handen” featuring Lykke Li and the next single releases taken from her brand new album “Hejdå” were all rather impressive. We think it’s obvious why we chose “Pinocchio” to feature in this list. We also think it’s obvious why her songs played such a significant role in every trip to Stockholm we took this year…


9. Ruusut – Käärmeen sisällä

We have no idea what’s happening here but that’s why we love it. Ok, in the end, we eventually got what’s happening on this song and so we loved it even more. This Finnish supergroup is one example of how electronic music should sound in the late 2010s. It’s fun, it’s freaky and the visuals are totally wacky. And with Ringa Manner (The Hearing) and Miikka Koivisto of (Disco Ensemble) on vocals, Ruusut are nothing less than #GOALS. 🌹🌹🌹


8. Intiaanikesä – Tähdenlento

This Finnish Pop newcomer going under the name Intiaanikesä managed to give us a song to play all summer long. “Tähdenlento” has everything it takes to be a solid hit and it turned out to be a secret follower-favorite too, performing surprisingly well in the early voting process, outnumbering tracks that later ended up higher up in this list. Intiaanikesä is definitely a band to keep an eye on!


7. Innesi – Drop a Bomb

“Drop a bomb here – I’m nobody’s deal” and the magical part that followed after this line is just one way how Innesi tugged at our heartstrings this year. And that was enough to make us include it in our Best Of The Best exit poll. 


6. Vargas & Lagola – Roads

This is one of the songs that 2018 just wouldn’t be complete without. One of us randomly heard and found the remixed version of this track at her work in a photo studio and what happened next could be easily described as “love at first listen”. “Roads” sounds like your old best friend that shows up after a long time of not having seen each other. It feels like you’ve always known this song. And well… We cannot imagine our YDP-crew roadtrips without it.


5. Skogebrandt – Breaking Me Better

The music of Skogebrandt definitely made our year times more magical, while opening up some new dimensions. Beautifully cinematic along with the perfect amount of melancholy added to make it perfect, “Breaking Me Better” was a clear bet for our Best Of The Best Playlist from the beginning.


4. Verkligheten – Du lär dig med tiden

Did you know that Soilwork named their latest album after Sweden’s most promising Indie Rock band? Well, everybody knows that Verkligheten is cool, right? “Du lär dig med tiden” flows on a similar wavelength as… Let’s say Hurula, for example, but with much more refined melodies and anthem-like choruses. Their choruses just grab you and never let you go and we had a hard time deciding which track to put on the voting playlist. The other candidate happened to be “Ta mig hem“. And we kinda hate ourselves cause we couldn’t make it to their show in Stockholm as we were leaving the same day. Talking about bad luck.


3. Dallas Kalevala – Victimizer

And here we get to the tracks that our readers absolutely digged this year. Dallas Kalevala is rather unpredictable, but we all figured it out by now and the “Victimizer” video brings some retrowave-ish visuals along the way. No matter if you have a love-hate relationship with their music, their sound is still another cool example of how (alternative) Pop of the late 2010s should sound like. And oh, we heard their debut album is coming out soon. #HYPE


2. Junior Brielle – Love

We love to love this song. And you loved it too and gave it some love in the exit polls. How much “love” can we put in one paragraph? Well, “Love” by Junior Brielle rules. Just as their debut EP “Blod” and anything else they released in 2018. You can expect big things from these gentlemen.


Best Of The Best 2018: Sara – Avaa se ovi

And here it is! Our followers have decided on the song of the year 2018 and it’s nothing less intense than “Avaa se ovi” by Sara – The first single from their latest record “Summa“. With 29 total voters, this track conquered the polls, leaving the previous competing tracks behind by 11 points/voters which is quite a bunch. While we can’t entirely put a finger on why some YouTube comments say that this track borrows a bit from Björk‘s “Army Of Me” (or maybe we can… A little bit…), “Avaa se ovi” is definitely a banger that deserves this spot. And we believe “Summa” would’ve landed quite high on the Best Albums Of 2018 List too, if we’d make any.


And that it’s for this year folks. Our Best Of The Best exit poll had 112 voters in total which is quite cool for the fact we didn’t promote this poll at all and only relied on organic reach of our Instagram Stories. No unnecessary hashtags, no sharing anywhere, nothing fancy.
This was an experiment to start with and we’re sure we’ll come up with something similar and interactive for some future things.

We hope you’ll have an amazing 2019 and we’ll be here with more music.
Until that time… Take care!

From everywhere with Love, 
The Partners ✖️

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