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The Ultimate Schick Schock

Bilderbuch @ UFO, Bruneck – Italy

Pictures here, report below.



Your Dead Partner travelled 300 kilometers to South Tyrol on the 10th October to check out Bilderbuch.
They’re from Vienna and for an Austrian band, they’re hard working.

With their third album “SCHICK SCHOCK” which got its release in February, Bilderbuch managed a great break-through in German-speaking countries.
And hat could be felt on their show in the South Tyrolean town Bruneck.
The venue called UFO was packed.

The four gentlemen delivered a quite entertaining show. But that’s about it.
We heard all the hits from the band’s latest album as well as some older material like “Kopf Ab”, “Karibische Träume” and “Ein Boot Für Uns” which I enjoyed the most – When compared to the new tracks, of course.

You can tell that Bilderbuch are a young band and you can also tell they still have a long way in front of them.
Their concerts aren’t for everyone. At least not yet. Even though they’re introduced to you as a very promising live-act.
Truth to be told, I expected far more from Bilderbuch.
But on the other hand, I wasn’t even disappointed when leaving the sympathetic venue.
It was ok. Nothing more and nothing less. Just… Ok.

But the spark of hope is still here. At least there’s some Austrian band that finally decided to do something.
Let’s see what the future brings, right?

Enjoyment factor:

If you are open to new and absolutely crazy things that make you go “WTF WAS THIS?!?!”, then I think that a show of this band could be something for you.
If you enjoy heavier tunes, then I don’t really think that you’ll enjoy it though.

Overall Rating:

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