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Released: 23/08/2015 CZE

I think the Czech Rock/Alternative/Metal scene seriously sucks. I guess have the right to say that.
I admit there are quite some awesome festivals like Rock For People or Colours of Ostrava, etc…, but they mostly host international line-up and that’s pretty much it. The Czech bands you get confronted with at those festivals suck. Big times.
But don’t worry! Luckily enough, there are few exceptions and The Truth Is Out There are one of these.
Releasing their debut album “Lighthouses” in August 2015, this band hailing all the way from Ostrava managed to catch my attention. Now… What can we expect?

Indigo” is the name of the first track you’ll hear and it already left a good impression on me. The chorus is definitely something to remember and the sound reminds you of something you’re familiar with. But don’t ask me about what the familiar thing is, alright?
Track number two is called “What We Have Done” and is slightly rougher than the opener and left me with a few moments of confusion. The logical structure got a bit blurry as the fine, red line got lost somewhere during the song. And at some point you really wonder what these gentlemen have done.

Lighthouses” continue with “Lizard Skin” which reminded me a bit of For The Imperium – and that’s not a bad thing at all!
And if you thought that this is everything The Truth Is Out There have to offer… There’s the title-giving track “Lighthouses” giving you a friendly punch in your face. Nothing more, nothing less. Give it a listen. Seriously. I’ve never heard anything better from a Czech band before. At least not in the last 10 years.
The almost cinematic transition between the mood on “Lighthouses” and the next song called “Coincidences” is on the verge on perfection. That has to be said as well.

After hearing the previous two songs, the hopes for “Toxic Soul” are kinda high, but all we get is something comparable to “What We Have Done”, but in a much more sophisticated way.
The next track entitled “Dying Light” is probably the first one I heard from The Truth Is Out There. I got hooked immediately. Just take a listen and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Or… At least you’ll get an idea of what I’m trying to say.
Ghost House” comes up next and we can even hear some slight Prog-Metal parts there! Big kudos to that.
The next track you’ll find on “Lighthouses” bears the name “Glassy Eyes” and is yet another neat excursion into something proggier.

The next big thing coming from The Truth Is Out There is called “Thank You For Everything”.
Few moments of silence follow before we get to the last track of “Lighthouses”.
Man Of His World” fulfils its job as the closing song of “Lighthouses” very well and… There’s nothing more to say about it, or is it?




I might have already mentioned it, but The Truth Is Out There are probably the first band in the Czech Republic to offer something new and interesting.
“Lighthouses” is an album definitely worth checking out. Even though my feelings about it were quite mixed in the beginning. I’ll admit it.
There are songs that stand out and songs, that distort the musical pattern a little bit, but that’s just a detail as it doesn’t really affect the overall experience of “Lighthouses”.
There’s variety and variety is the key.

Personal Favorites:

  • Indigo
  • Lighthouses
  • Coincidences
  • Dying Light


Take a Listen:



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