The Scenes – Sex, Drugs And Modern Art



Released: 12/02/2016 FIN

Sex? Meh. Drugs? I smoke. I know I’m lame. Modern Art?! FUCK YEAH, COUNT ME RIGHT IN!
So if you mix these three subjects together, you’ll get the name of the third album by The Scenes. But how does “Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” sound like? Pretty much the following way…

The opener “Catch-22” is already saying a lot. At first you won’t really get an impression of what’s coming at you and when you finally get yourself into it… It’s over. Followed by “Petals”. And here it’s the same story, more or less. The highlight of the track comes somewhere in the middle, but it still keeps you going.
Hypermobility” comes up next and is plain insane. Did you ask for a definition of “noble Punk”? Here you have it. The Scenes did it.

Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” continues with “Despair Of Zeitgeist”, which is quite a catchy one. This twisted tune will calm you down from the previous explosion called “Hypermobility”.
With “Amusing Notes For Cynics” we’re getting to the Modern Art part of the album.
Here The Scenes show off their versatility. From crazy Punk anthems to first-class Indie Rock… “Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” has it all. And the track called “Louis Wain” confirms it.

The next big thing is called “Fainting Clerks” and has much more to offer than just this questionable title – I suggest you to take a listen to this one.
Always Lie About Your Childhood” sounds a bit like Radiohead… On drugs, that is. But it still delivers a strong message – who doesn’t lie about his childhood anyway?

Then we have “Death Of A Common” and… Damn, this perfectly describes my current mood. Besides that, it’s another great example of the band’s diversity.
Absolution, Please” – is this a mix between “Absolution” and “Apocalypse, Please” by Muse? Well, anyway it’s a strong track which makes “Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” a highlight.
Hell… What a ride!




Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” is the first album by The Scenes which I could actually enjoy in its full-length without having to skip anything. Maybe I just didn’t let “Beige” and “Images Of Animals Crying In Public” grow on me? But anyway, “Sex, Drugs And Modern Art” did it already after the second listen and I’m really impressed by it.
The Scenes are very original musically and it’s quite hard to find bands that are trying to make something new happen – especially nowadays. Kudos to that!

Personal favorites:

  • Despair Of Zeitgeist
  • Louis Wain
  • Fainting Clerks
  • Absolution, Please

Take a Listen:


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