The Rasmus live in Vienna – 16/11/2017

Party like it’s 2003! One of Finland’s most successful bands stopped by in Simm City of Vienna to introduce their latest record “Dark Matters“. Check out the gallery!

Okay, raise your hands, non-Finns. Who of you got introduced to Finnish music by The Rasmus?
Well, that band has released a new album some time ago (read about it here) and ventured out on an Euro tour together with The Weyers from Switzerland and the Italian Metal band Klogr. Let me tell you something about what you could expect from this show and, you know, it felt great to be back in Vienna. It really did.

Catchy Rock songs with an Alternative twist. That’s how you could describe the sound of the Swiss duo The Weyers. I’ve heard something from this band before and to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the studio recordings the way I enjoyed the live show the brothers delivered. Tracks like “Bout Love” or “Beep beep beep” went straight into the back of my mind and… Geez, this band could use some back-up musicians! Really.  Additional instruments playing from a tape are not that cool. Other than that, 3/5, semi-okay! I’d eventually come back to this band’s show.

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Some time later it was time for the Italian band Klogr to hit the stage and I expected pretty much anything. What I didn’t expect was that the band’s music was rather unfitting to be a supporting act of The Rasmus. A band like Klogr could do just fine as some support for something in the likes of Soilwork, but here it just felt out of place.  The band has recently released a new album called “Keystone” and the opening track “Sleeping Through The Seasons” was heard in Vienna as well. Too bad I was pretty much the only person in Simm City who wasn’t all too fond of the band’s performance. Or maybe I’m just too picky…

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The Rasmus hit the stage at half past nine-ish (not that you need to know that information) and boy, the crowds went crazy. The band threw everybody on the nostalgia-train by kicking off their set with “F-F-F-Falling” and yes. They still got it.

Guilty” and “No Fear” followed, along with some tracks from their latest album “Dark Matters” – Talking about “Empire” or the single “Silver Night“. The balance between the new tracks and the band’s greatest hits was adequate and everybody got what they came for. At least I got everything I expected to get from this. A not-all-too-over-the-top electrifying performance that flows by nicely without disappointing you. The last time I’ve seen The Rasmus live was back in 2012. I don’t remember much from that show, but I’m more than certain that it wasn’t any different.

I hoped to hear more from the new album though, but hey, the Finland-fangirls in cheap clothes and Gothic boots only come to hear “In The Shadows” and scream the names of the idols from their teenage years. This is how it goes. And it’s not bad at all considering the fact that Austrian people are still attracted.


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Photos and text by M. Nyman-Sramkova

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