The Mobile Homes invite you to “The Final Party”

The Mobile Homes
are back with a brand new single and a detailed PowerPoint presentation on how to host the perfect final party. All you need is happy people, music, alcohol, cake, cheese balls and party hats. Check out the video. 

It’s New Music Friday once again and we know that you’re looking for the ultimate track to play this weekend. “The Final Party” is everything you need, so ignore your friends in case they drop a line going like “Could we listen to something more uplifting, please?” and play it loud. Cause it ain’t no party without The Mobile Homes, right?

We featured the band’s 2017 single “It Used To Be Fun” in our best-singles-of-the-year-list so you might want to check it out too. Both singles are released via psykbunkern and both singles are highly enjoyable (as well as their whole back catalogue. It’s some good stuff right there!).
So basically, if you enjoyed “It Used To Be Fun“, you will love “The Final Party“. It’s easy as that. 🎂


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