The Hearing live in Prague

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“Things you shouldn’t miss out on”
The Hearing (FI) in Cross Club, Prague (CZE) – 19/05/2016

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DISCLAIMER: Oh look! I’m writing this at 3 a.m. again! Nothing hurts! Anyway, if this stops making sense… I’m sorry, it’s 3 a.m. 

Now this was a spontaneous trip!
We basically found out about this show just one day in advance, so there wasn’t much time to write friendly reminders for this site, but hell, it would be a shame if we’d miss out on this!
One of the most interesting Alternative acts from Finland stopped by in Prague’s Cross Club and yeah, we’re talking about The Hearing.
So let us tell you what happened in case you missed out on this show…

If you arrived at the club earlier, you could see the Czech duo called Dva performing just outside. I remember seeing this band using pots as percussion during one song. I’m not even joking. It was real. Maybe a bit too real.
The realness got horrible and I wasn’t even surprised.
You just can’t expect things to happen when it comes to a Czech music project.

The main stage of the Cross Club hosted Ringa Manner aka The Hearing from Helsinki at around 10 p.m. and the amount of people that were familiar with the music seemed to be minimal.
But anyway, we could hear tracks from the most recent album “Adrian” (”Backwards” & “Color Code”, for example) as well as from “Dorian” (”Everyday” & “Sun Is Gone”, e.g.) and there is a reason why The Hearing is considered as one of the most interesting Finnish acts.
The show was simply electrifying and there wasn’t a single moment that wouldn’t take you into the kinda uplifting, but still quite melancholic music of The Hearing.
And oh, there was also a minimalistic version of David Bowie’s Life On Mars? too!

You and me… We all know that Rock bands are the best-known music export from Finland and rightly so. But there’s a lot more coming from this country and damn… Suddenly things get so much more exciting!
And me… Well, I finally caught The Hearing live after missing the performance at WAVES Vienna. (Thanks, ÖBB for delaying my train back then!)


I can’t tell you a reason why you shouldn’t check out The Hearing live if you get the opportunity. YDP approves & recommends.

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