The Blanko – Into The Silence


Released: 23.08.2013 FIN

The Blanko is a kinda underrated band in their style. These three gentlemen from Finland already released their debut album “Flying Colours” in 2011, featuring the singles like “Feel”, “Do You Remember?” and “You & I”. On the 23rd August 2013, their sophomore record “Into The Silence” was released.
What can you expect from this album with a contradicting title? And why is the title contradicting? We’ll tell you!

Into The Silence” gives you 10 powerful tracks, with the title giving song kicking off the whole thing and all you can say: The Blanko as we know them.
Hard hitting drums by Jakke Saarinen, awesome riffs by the band’s guitarist and singer Pauli Hauta-aho, whose voice is the icing on the cake, making the sound of The Blanko unmistakable. “Into The Silence” is a very good song to open this album, with kinda Progressive verses and instrumental parts and catchy choruses. As I already said: This is The Blanko as we know them.

But this is only the beginning!
Let Me In” comes up next, the great bass riffs in the verse by Marko Haataja right in the beginning… And again, we got this chorus, that will occupy your mind for some time. But I can repeat the things I said about the first song, though this one isn’t as impressive as “Into The Silence”, but is still a solid part.
After that, you’ll hear “World Is Ours” with it’s creative guitar riff, slightly reminding me of something… Oh yeah, “Flying Colours”! It’s not really the next smash-hit, but also good.
As if you would ever become to hear something bad from these guys.

And slowly, we’re getting to the first single of “Into The Silence”: “Face The Fear”. Pretty rough when compared to other singles by The Blanko, still progressive, with a catchy chorus and Pauli Hauta-aho proves here that he’s one of the vocalists with a special and versatile voice. And then you have that more aggressive part… Definitely a must-hear on this album.
After “Face The Fear”, you’ll have “Krazy Heart”. This one has quite a melancholic vibe in it. At least from what I hear. Still it’s rough, heavy but more refined than what we’ve heard before. And with those strings in the background coming around the 2nd verse… Epic. Just plain epic. And “Krazy Heart” catches more attention than “Crazy Heart”. Admit it… Crazy is boring. Krazy is the real deal.

Here I Am” follows with an intro, that is kinda familiar to me, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’ll not making you want to hear more from this song. And when the chorus comes up… Yes, this could be the next single! As I’d say in German, it’s very “radiotauglich”. Nothing negative here. Nope.
All About You”. Yes. Now finally something explosive! This track is definitely something to headbang to. Still, not one of the best, but not bad. After that you’ll hear my… Let’s say my personal top favorite track from “Into The Silence”. Yeah, I’m talking about “Little Star”. The opening riff again sounds like something I already know, but just listen to the whole thing. Why? Cause I tell you to!
And the chorus is maybe one of the best on this record. The eargasmic part comes up with the last chorus – If you know me, then you’ll know which part I mean.

Don’t Let Me Wait” is another more progressive part here, still powerful with the special something that is found in The Blanko’s sound. And yes, that voice still keeps on surprising me. The last song and the calmest song on “Into The Silence” is “Fade Away”. And what do you want me to say to this? Just take a listen and make yourself a picture of it. A little hint: The end is EPIC!


This band can’t really pull off something bad. “Into The Silence” is definitely an album worth checking out. Somewhat heavier than “Flying Colours” with an bigger enjoying factor cause all songs on this record turned out to be catchy and awesome. There’s nothing bad I can say about this album. I tried to find something to rant about, but also after the 10th listen, I couldn’t find anything. Best Rock album of the year 2013? Yeah. At least the best Finnish Rock album.

And since I’m curious: Was the cover made to make more chicks check out The Blanko?

Personal favorites:

  • Face The Fear
  • Krazy Heart
  • Little Star


Take a Listen:

Written by Misha Nyman, August 2013

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