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Released: 22/04/2016 FIN

I don’t think that there’s actually anyone out here reading this who isn’t familiar with The 69 Eyes, so I’ll skip on the brief introduction.
Their 11th studio album “Universal Monsters” just got released and we’re gonna tell you what it sounded like to us. What are the things the so-called “Helsinki Vampires” will try to impress us with this time? Let’s see…

Universal Monsters” kicks off with “Dolce Vita”. A solid opener that won’t really make you rise up from your seats. And that’s pretty much everything I can say about this one. There wasn’t anything else worth pointing out.
The first single off this record bears the name “Jet Fighter Plane” and is one of the few highlights you can find here. The chorus is memorable and it’s a quite catchy track overall, but yet it’s nothing that would stick out anyhow. And oh, the video for “Jet Fighter Plane” reminded me quite of the one for “Ei maailmanloppua” by Musta Valo on the first glance. Just so you know.

It goes on with “Blackbird Pie”, which turned out to be quite promising. My hopes went straight up, but only until the moment I heard the next track entitled “Lady Darkness”. Okay, I admit it sounds like something that could’ve come straight out from their 2007 album “Angels” or similar, but… Come on, this was just uninspired. Or should I say that this wasn’t something we didn’t expect? Well, moving on to “Miss Pastis”, but this one didn’t bring any satisfaction with it either. But it’s quite good knowing that I can say more in French than just “Salut, ça va?” which is basically the whole chorus. Hm.

Shallow Graves” finally brought something with it which I was waiting for. Finally, for god’s sake!
It still sounds like The 69 Eyes and it still sounds like every other The 69 Eyes song that actually has potential. Don’t count with something that mind-blowing which would make you scream “OH MY FUCK, I FUCKING LOVE THIS TRACK!!!”. I’m sorry.
But still, “Shallow Graves” managed to improve my mood, but “Jerusalem” came to trample all over it. It just… It didn’t get me. There is something really cool about this one, but unfortunately it failed to grow on me.
And did this band ever think of making a travel-guide? I mean… They got songs like “Los Angeles”, “Feel Berlin” and now also “Jerusalem”… Oh, whatever. Don’t mind me.

Afterwards I actually had to throw a short break from reviewing to listen to a couple of songs by Prince.

The next thing that “Universal Monsters” has to offer is called “Stiv & Johnny” and here it seems that I finally found what I was looking for on this record.
Never” comes up next and I don’t know about you, but the lyrics turned out to be quite pathetic in the end. But don’t worry, another spark of hope came out nevertheless together with “Blue”. This track is actually quite memorable when compared to the rest of the songs found on “Universal Monsters” and that’s already a good sign. Unfortunately, we had to wait 10 tracks until this one good sign came up.

We’re coming to an end and The 69 Eyes brought their latest studio effort to the final turns with “Rock ‘n’ Roll Junkie”. Is it me or does this one feel a lot out of place? Well, make your own opinion about it, but this song killed it. In a not-so-good way.




With “Universal Monsters”, The 69 Eyes delivered a semi-okay album. There are just a few tracks that really stood out from the rest and even though they did stand out, they were nothing more than fairly average. To be honest, I didn’t expect anything else from this record though.
And finally, what I wanted to point out is, that no matter how “Universal Monsters” actually turned out to be, I still enjoyed it more than the band’s 2012 album “X”. So that’s one positive thing to sum it all up.

Personal favorites:

  • Jet Fighter Plane
  • Blackbird Pie
  • Blue

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016.

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