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Release: 21/09/2016 FIN 

Do you think you’ve seen it all? Well, then you probably haven’t seen Sydän, sydän – probably one of the most unconventional bands from Helsinki.
I did, and it was on a hot summer day in 2012 at one nice outdoor festival in Alppipuisto.
Yes, I saw the weirdest band of Helsinki. And four years later I’m still traumatized. A little bit.
Anyway, Sydän, sydän play something you could consider Progressive/Art Rock and their latest studio album “Molskis” just saw the light of the world. Should you be scared? No. Not at all.
But we’ll guide you through it nevertheless.

The opener “Anna sen lentää” will probably surprise you already on the first listen, being funky and thoroughly catchy too. It goes from explosive to unexpectedly calm and it all makes up something special. It follows with “Talla pohjaan” which has this danceable Indie-Rock-ish vibe to it and if the previous track didn’t speak to you, then be sure that this one will grab you right away.

A groovy bass line will introduce you to “Yö on punainen”, sporting the band’s very own sound and attitude. Yes, it might get a little bit weird from here for some individuals, but the part starting at 3:25 is where shit gets serious. Sydän, sydän know how to play around with different genre-elements and it’s more exciting than ever before. And “Kun valot alkaa sammua” is another, completely different story. Just check it out and convince yourself.

Molskis” even has one of these things I usually call a highlight. Its name is “Rauhaa, rakkautta & heviä” and it will probably feel like a friendly punch to your face. I honestly didn’t expect Sydän, sydän to pull up a solid Metal track here. Honestly, the versatility of their sound is just impressive.
Carpe Futurum” will throw you back into the more Alternative side of the band’s music and “Meren Kuningatar” is here to impress you with its Progressive approach.
The eight and final track of “Molskis” bears the name “Ikuinen hehku” and the almost pop-styled synth is just lovely as fuck. But you know… That’s by far not everything this song has to offer, but I don’t feel like telling you all too much.
Will you be brave enough to embark on this musical adventure for yourself? Well, you better be because this record is worth checking out.




Molskis” is the most sophisticated Sydän, sydän album to date and it’s obvious that the band has made a huge step forward since their 2012 record “Kapseli”.
There’s no weak spot on this record and there’s no way it could get boring. “Molskis” is packed with original ideas, a wide variety of styles and a lot of unexpected moments. It’s alternative and edgy. And it’s the first album by Sydän, sydän to speak to me in some way.
Now let’s just hope that I get another chance to see this band live, because that impression I got in 2012 wasn’t necessarily the best one.

Personal Favorites:

  • Talla pohjaan
  • Rauhaa, rakkautta ja heviä
  • Meren kuningatar
  • Ikuinen hehku

Take A Listen:





Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. September 2016.

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