Sunrise Avenue live in Munich in November – Sold Out!

We live in modern times, in an era of technological advances and big inventions, where everything is constantly available; everyone is accessible and always connected. People from all over the world communicate with each other over the World Wide Web, and we control a large part of our daily lives with our smartphones. It’s actually ironic that in this age of carelessness, we still suffer from a seemingly banal sickness: heartbreak. On Sunrise Avenue’s fifth album, the Finnish pop-rock superstars analyse why we seem to have forgotten how to be happy and satisfied. Welcome to “Heartbreak Century“!

Sunrise Avenue is probably the most successful Finnish band in German-speaking countries, thus not necessarily needing an introduction here. Their upcoming record “Heartbreak Century” is coming out on October 6th and the band announced a tour to accompany it. One date will lead them to Munich, so save the following date if you don’t want to miss this show:

Tuesday, 14/11/2017 – Theaterfabrik, Munich (GER)


Pre-Sale starts on 2nd August at 10:00!
Source: Global Concerts

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