Subliminal Fear – Escape From Leviathan


Released: 15/05/2016 ITA

“After 2 years and half working in studio, the third album is finally ready, with 10 tracks and they show several innovations about past musical style with a greater attention to melodies and with a modern sound. The early sound has evolved in a “cyber metal” with extreme and melodic vocals, djent guitars, a huge groove and with electronic and industrial synths.”

Okay, now that was a long description of how the latest album by the Italian Cyber Metal band Subliminal Fear sounds like. The band seems to have a quite interesting, yet familiar concept and today we’re gonna check out what it sounds like when you’re escaping from Leviathan.
Ladies and gentlemen, here are the thoughts on ”Escape From Leviathan“ by Subliminal Fear

Phantoms Or Drones“ is a very solid opener with a very catchy synth tune in the intro that will immediately draw you into the track, but that’s about it. You expect a real in-your-face-experience here but somehow that didn’t happen. Doesn’t matter! We still have the whole album in front of us!
And oh, Guillaume Bideau of Mnemic-fame features in this one. Just so you know!
The next thing coming up bears the name ”All Meanings They’ve Torn“ feat. Lawrence Mackrory from Darkane. Yes, this track kind of met my expectations. The chorus is somewhat remarkable and Subliminal Fear sound rather Swedish here.

Nexus“ is the name of the track that managed to get my attention on the first listen. I don’t exactly remember why, but give it a try! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in any way.
But it’s the title track ”Escape From Leviathan“ that actually brings a quite unusual and unexpected turn together with the orchestral elements for example, all used at the right moment to make that song absolutely epic. Subliminal Fear needs more strings. Not too much though, but in their case it just enhances the musical experience by at least 80%.

The next track features Jon Howard of Threat Signal (Is it me, or did that guy feature on some other record I reviewed not so long ago? If yes, then… Coincidence? I think not.) goes under the name ”Evilution“ and despite the evil name… Nothing that evil happened here. I don’t think it was much of an evolution gone evil… It was a track I actually lost the trace of around some djenty intermission. But then the strings came back again to regain the atmosphere… It wasn’t that epic as in the previous track. But hey, they tried…
Even though I got a bit confused here, ”Living In Another World“ gave me a brave new start into the next “part” of “Escape From Leviathan”. It felt rather pop-ish when compared to other tracks you can find on this record and that’s what made it enjoyable. And I scented a little hint of Dead By April in there!

With “Dark Star Renaissance” we get back to futuristic synths-arpeggios, but the rest of what this song offers gets forgotten relatively quickly. Unfortunately.
Self-Proclaimed Gods” sounds promising, right? It is. And that’s all I’ll tell you about the highlight of “Escape From Leviathan”.
Limitless” continues the ride and this is the moment where Subliminal Fear just made it.
The closing track is the cinematic “The Disease Of Human Emotion” which could be easily featured in an upcoming post-apocalyptic movie or something.

“You have survived.”

The “Escape From Leviathan” was successful.



Subliminal Fear did an excellent job on “Escape From Leviathan”. It’s a thoroughly solid record with its highlights – But most of the time you have to wait for these highlights to come as they’re not on their classic positions. That’s where the listening enjoyment suffers a bit.
It’s brilliantly executed though and the record grew on me the more I listened to it.
I only missed some more diversity in the songs and the three featuring artists seemed to have served a purpose of a nice promotion turn. But anyway, Subliminal Fear have definitely something special to offer and it deserves to be heard.

Personal favorites:

  • Nexus
  • Escape From Leviathan
  • Living In Another World
  • Self-Proclaimed Gods

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. June 2016.

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