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Released: 18/03/2016 FIN

Better late than never, right? The YDP Review of Stam1na’s latest album “Elokuutio” which came out on March 18th is finally here!
Elokuutio” is the seventh studio album by the Finnish Metal band and let’s just say that it’s another record I fairly looked forward to this year.
Anyway, we took a listen to it and we’re gonna tell you what you can expect.

The first thing you’re gonna hear on “Elokuutio” bears the name “Ikoneklasmia” and it will already hint at the fact that Stam1na actually experimented a bit with their sound on this record. If you’re familiar with the band’s previous material, you’ll know what I’m talking about. “Ikoneklasmia” sounds like nothing the band has done before and that’s fucking great.
Elokuutio” is the title of track number two and that chorus is one of the best things I heard in Metal this year. Trust me.

The first two tracks might have been completely different for someone who has been following Stam1na for quite some time, but “Meidänkaltaisilemme” brings you back to the band’s Thrash-Metal-esque sound. The sound we all know them for. The same goes for “Pala palalta”, which just gets better with every listen.
Pienet vihreät miehet” follows, blasting its way forward, but you’ll soon forget about those little green men when hearing “Mätä hohtava omena”.
And it’s “Mätä hohtava omena” that brings something unusual for Stam1na with it again. Whatever it is, I enjoy it a lot.

D.S.M.” aka “Deus Sex Machina” follows with its aggressive attitude which is typical for the band. But there’s more. A lot more. The sudden and absolutely obscure piano interlude will throw you out from your track of expectations and… Well… To be honest, this whole track is just one big insanity. You did not see that coming, did you?
Elokuutio” goes on with that one track called “Marttyyri” and this one just can’t be described. There’s a lot happening and you’d have to take a listen to yourself to make your own opinion. I did not see this coming either. I admit that.

The first single off “Elokuutio” takes up the 9th position on the album and it has a good reason. “Kuudet raamit” will give you a friendly punch to your face with its über-catchy chorus as well as with every other aspect of it. I don’t know about you, but “Kuudet raamit” might be the best song Stam1na delivered in the 2010s.
And if “Kuudet raamit” already touched me the time it came out, the closing song “Valhe” actually brought me to tears the first time I heard it. And that’s always an indicator for the fact I heard a fucking amazing record.




Elokuutio” is a record I was pretty scared of in the beginning. It’s just the thing that you can never be sure about what exactly is coming at you and that’s the thing making me both scared and hyped for records like these at the same time.
There are only two Finnish bands that make me feel that way about their new material and admit it, you just never know what to expect from Stam1na.
When compared to the band’s 2014 album “SLK”, “Elokuutio” just kills it in every possible way.
I felt it was more experimental and more open than the band’s previous albums and that’s what I enjoyed the most.

Personal favorites:

  • Elokuutio
  • Mätä hohtava omena
  • Marttyyri
  • Kuudet raamit
  • Valhe

Take A Listen:




Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. April 2016.

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