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Release: 03/02/2017 SWE |

Soen is one of those bands we don’t need to introduce to our readers anymore. Your Dead Partner has reported from the band’s concert in Salzburg back in 2015 and let’s just say it was one of the most memorable performances that year.
Now Soen are back with their third studio effort “Lykaia” and let’s see what it has to offer besides subliminal messages in the lyrical content.

It all starts out with “Sectarian” – The first single off “Lykaia”. In the past, Soen were often compared to Tool, but this time it is evident that the band found their own way. They stay true to their previous material, but in a slightly different way. “Sectarian” is topped off with a hauntingly wonderful chorus which will stay engraved in your mind. It’s familiar. But why?
The next thing that comes your way bears the name “Orison”. This track is extraordinary and it’s hard to put into words. From magical and almost hypnotizing vocals to great guitar-work and whatsoever… It’s intriguing. No matter what genre you prefer.

If you want to describe the musical direction of “Lykaia”, the second single “Lucidity” (find video here) comes pretty close to what this album is about soundwise. Afterwards there is “Opal”, which is probably the heaviest and the most interesting piece on this record. It’s somewhere on the line between Alternative and Progressive Metal. The chorus being the Alternative Metal part about it.
The next song entitled “Jinn” was devastating in a very strange way though. What sorcery is happening there? Do you understand that? You don’t… Okay. It’s fine.
So far, “Lykaia” is unbelievably perfect.

With “Sister” we’ll get to a more traditional side of Soen again. Or so you can think in the beginning… You can feel some kind of an urgency here and it all ends up being quite chaotic towards the end. But you still can’t resist those tunes. The same thing can be said about “Stray”.

“I’ll do what I must, I hope that you trust me this time.” – Can we talk about the hidden meaning of this line?

The last track of “Lykaia” is also known as “Paragon” and now you should get your coffee ready, cause this one will probably make you fall asleep if your concentration-level isn’t high enough. Besides that, there’s quite something happening, so it might be a bit confusing for the average listener. Saying that this is one solid ending is not enough. There’s nothing left to say about this.




Lykaia” is an intense experience and – to use that word again – devastating in a weird way. It’s not a record for everyday listening, but still there’s something beautiful and highly appealing about it.
Everybody has a different way of how they perceive the music of Soen and this record changes a lot. It’s only up to you to find out what it’s all about. If you want to, of course. And now let’s dwell into the lyrics!

Take a Listen:

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Personal favorites:

  • Orison
  • Opal

★★★★★★★★☆☆ // VERY GOOD. Nothing else to add here.


Written by YDP Collective.

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