Smrtislav – Notorickej Samotář



Released: 25/05/2016 CZE

Still searching for a Czech Rock band that is actually worth listening to? Well, stop looking now! Smrtislav is the band you want to hear.
Releasing their first EP in 2015, Smrtislav managed to be the first band hailing from the Czech Republic to surprise me a lot with their very sophisticated style – And I’m not even exaggerating here. But now ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to check out their debut album bearing the name “Notorickej samotář”.

DISCLAIMER: I will not provide translations. Sorry, non-Czech-speakers!


The dark opener “Sama doma” will instantly remind you of some obscure Marilyn-Manson-gone-melodic-material, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Except you’ll probably need a couple of turns to let this one grow on you.
Kondolence” will impress you with its chorus, the whole song being more open and catchier than the previous one. And if there’s something Smrtislav really excels at, it’s the lyrical themes.
I admit that I’m not really fond of bands singing in the Czech language, since most of the lyrics turn out to be pretty dull, but Smrtislav does a different job at this. Suddenly I don’t really mind listening to stuff in my native language anymore and that’s special.

Track number three is called “Ani smrt nás nerozdělí” and has this bluesy vibe to it, adding to the musical variety of the album. Appreciated!
But now the melancholy is getting stronger. “Otrávená večeře” fulfills the role of a transition, perfectly flowing over into “Nekonečně dlouhé ráno”, which turned to be quite solid. It won’t really blow you away either, but that fact changes with “Posel špatnejch zpráv”. Just wait for it.
The title track “Notorickej samotář” follows and if there’s a track that could perfectly describe my mood over the past month, it’s this one. Pair that up with a catchy chorus and you have it.

“Mám chuť se pomalu zabít, než abych se pokoušel rychle zachránit…”

If you thought that this is everything Smrtislav can do, then just take a listen to their cover of Petr Kotvald’s song “Milujem se čím dál víc”, which took the whole album to a next level. And please don’t spoil it to you by listening to the original afterwards. Don’t do it to you. Consider yourself warned.
Lovkyně” is de facto the last track of “Notorickej samotář”, again showing off the band’s darkest side, setting a strong end to the record.
And besides all of that, “Notorickej samotář” also features four songs from the band’s debut EP (“V noci se mi zdálo”, “2.000.000 světelnejch let”, “Terapie tmou” and “Skrytej talent”), which are definitely a must-hear.




Smrtislav are probably one of the first Czech-singing bands that didn’t make me cringe. Instead, they impressed me both musically and lyrically and they proved that with “Notorickej samotář”. It’s a melancholic record, yet it offers the much needed variety with a truly unexpected twist, which makes the album something truly original in its own way.
Smrtislav have potential and you can hear it, making them one of the better bands in the Czech Republic for me.


Personal favorites:

  • Kondolence
  • Posel špatnejch zpráv
  • Notorickej samotář
  • Milujem se čím dál víc

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Written by Misha Nyman-Sramkova. June 2016.

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