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Released: 17/03/2017  HU  |

“The debut album of Hungarian band Slowmesh is a best of record, no doubt! Their music is influenced by such great idols like Queens Of The Stone Age, Clutch, Foo Fighters, Black Stone Cherry or Faith No More
The debut album of Slowmesh called ‘Something New‘ contains 11 brand new tracks. As their music is based on elements either from doomster-stoner southern rock or the nu-metal of the early 2000’s – they call their musical style ‘nu-stoner’.
Be sure not to miss their live show – they are even better on the stage than in the studio!”

Looks like Slowmesh released something new… This might sound like a pun, but it’s true. The debut album of Slowmesh from Budapest is actually called “Something New” and that’s a pretty neat way how to name your debut record.
Anyway, let’s just check this album out, okay? Okay. 

Spinning Around” is that kinda opener that won’t impress you on the first listen, but the fact that this track has quite some interesting hooks compensates for it. “Low’n’Slow” continues in the similar fashion, the melody-line of the chorus standing out once again, but there’s still something missing in here… What is it?
And what can you expect from a song entitled “Masterpiece“? Well, you can expect to hear the first highlight on “Something New“. And the vocals on “Masterpiece” strongly reminded me of something, but I still can’t remember what it was. Drop me a line if you happen to have an idea! 

The record continues with “Tennessee Shootout” which could’ve easily been a soundtrack to some action movie taking place in… Yes, Tennessee. Well, the Southern Rock attitude is present here.
Lava Bubble” delivers something unexpected, showcasing the more Nu-Metal side of Slowmesh – it’s kinda comparable to “Masterpiece“. With “Warning On Time” things return to the tamed down facet of the band’s material, but there are some surprises waiting for you. Don’t worry. Win Or Lose” will amuse you with its intro and the energetic chorus just makes the thing even better. The next thing you’ll hear goes under the name “One Direction Way” and its NOT a tribute song to One Direction – I’m sorry, I just had to drop it there. Anyway, “One Direction Way” is probably the calmest track on “Something New” but it’s still powerful and you’ll have a good time listening to this one. 

Alice was in chains for years, but now Alice is standing in a queue. “Alice In Queue” is another song I could define as a highlight and yes, there’s something Alice-In-Chains-ish about it, which is not a bad thing. “On And On” brings some strong attitude with it – Just take a listen to it! And then there’s the final track, which happens to be the title track as well. “Something New” rounds this record up in a very cool way and you can say that you heard one solid record and feel good about it.


I like the attitude of Slowmesh. They didn’t bring a revolution in Rock music with their debut album “Something New“, but they managed to surprise big times. Armed with heavy guitar riffs, some catchy melodies and clear songwriting, Slowmesh truly prove that they’re one of the bands that are serious about their business and still make music from the heart.
Something New” is an album for everyone who enjoy some honest tunes with… Something new to it. 


Take A Listen:


Personal favorites:
Alice In Queue 

★★★★★★★☆☆☆ // GOOD. Everything is beautiful. Note: It’s more like 7.75 than just 7!


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