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Release: 22/09/2017 FIN  |  

“Released on September 22nd 2017, “Deadweight” is the second album of the Finnish metal band Skein. Assembled with the invaluable help of producer Tuomas Kokko (Ghost Brigade, Swallow the Sun, Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus), the album moves dynamically across different soundscapes, reaching from crushingly heavy guitar riffs to more etheric, atmospheric parts. 

Unlike their debut album “Of Wings Unfolding”, which was a concept album with a strong narrative and a storyline (strengthened by a novel published alongside the physical copy) the songs on “Deadweight” stand on their own. Delivered with both screaming and clean vocals, the songs explore issues from misuse of power and societal responsibility to basic human characteristics, with very personal experiences. Due the rawness and personal approach, the album is the strongest emotional outburst of Skein’s career.”

Source: Inverse Records

We have promised you to tell you something about the upcoming record of the Tampere-based Alternative Metal band Skein. Well, here it is! Make sure to read more to find out what “Deadweight” with this majestic creature on the cover has to offer. Are we excited about this? You bet.

Seduction” is the first track you’ll hear on “Deadweight“. A mysterious opener with a bass line that stands out… A track that unfolds with every second, reminding you of the likes of Tool. Did I ever mention that I have a thing for Tool? Well, now you know. It’s understandable why “Seduction” got my attention from the beginning. But things turn together with “Lies Divine“. It’s coming like a well-aimed punch into your face and while you’re falling back from the impact in slow-motion, Skein delivers something unexpected. “Bound” is the next thing you’ll hear on “Deadweight” and our frequent readers will know about this track already.
“Bound” is another facet of the band’s music. A dramatic, yet beautiful track that will send shivers throughout your body as you let yourself flow on the sound. There are a couple of unexpected turns taken during this track which makes it entertaining. Highlight track number one is right here.

Followed by “Lies Mundane” takes you on another journey through dark and mysterious fields. A journey that ends in a completely another way than your might’ve expected it in the beginning.

“We are united. We are the same.” 

The Fear Is Love” brings another surprise with it. A strong and minimalistic piece with a rather ambient background and many goosebumps-moments. Jaws will be dropping at this track. And this enlightening moment brought to you by “The Fear Is Love” gets kicked down by the title track “Deadweight“. You can feel the rage of this track and the energy it still manages to convey is pretty unbelievable. But then “Mare” comes up and changes everything. Once again… And again… And again… Can this be real? Is this record real? Yes, it is. And it’s fucking awesome.

You can expect to hear a very atmospheric piece called “In Circles” after all of this that almost sounds like a reprise of “The Fear Is Love“… It’s magical. I’m telling you. Skein bring “Deadweight” to its end with “The Unknown“. A track spreading over almost nine minutes, which once again showcases all musical aspects of the band’s music, as well as the extraordinary vocal abilities of Sami Silvennoinen.
Let’s be silent now.
You’ll find out all about Skein and their “Deadweight” on 22nd September.  

Deadweight” is like a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster of emotions. Let’s put it like that.
It’s one of these records that speak for themselves and at some point, there is nothing left to say about it. That’s how this semi-Progressive Melancholic Metal thing should sound like. 10 outta 10. There’s nothing speaking against it – Feel free to send me hate-mails if I’m wrong.

PS.: Thumbs up for that album cover. It perfectly captures the feel of the record!


Personal favorites: 

The Fear Is Love
The Unknown

★★★★★★★★★★ // PERFECTION.


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