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13.04.2015 NOR

Seriously… What year is it?!
2015 is marking the 20th anniversary of the band’s break-through album “Metropolis” and now the Norwegian Alternative Rock band Seigmen delivered a brand new studio album called “Enola” this Spring. And yes, I think this is one of the most unexpected things that happened in the Alternative Rock scene until now.
18 years passed since the band’s last album “Radiowaves” saw the light of this world and the hopes for “Enola” are really high.
And now, dear readers, get ready to hear that one band which paved the way for many other Norwegian bands.

The first thing that fascinated me on “Enola” was its cover. If you’d ask me what release of 2015 has the best cover, then it’s definitely “Enola”. No doubt about it.
Hva vi elsker(Which translates into “What we love”) is the first single taken from this album and it really represents Seigmen in a fresh, brand new way. Yet the attitude remained the same.
A dark intro belongs to “Trøst” that sounds like if Seigmen would take it out from the 1994 album “Total” and “Forevig og alltid (Translates into “Forever and ever”) will surely catch you with it’s everything. Trust me.

If you liked “Forevig og alltid” there’s a big possibility of you liking the following track. It’s “Utopia i mine armer(“Utopia in my arms”) and once you listen to that chorus, you might never get it out of your head. I was seriously walking around the city a day after hearing “Enola” for the first time, having that vocal line “Utopia i mine armer” in my mind…
Til verdens ende(“To the end of the world”) is a slightly more progressive piece which reminded me a bit of Leprous at some points, which doesn’t make it less enjoyable. The ones who heard something from Leprous will probably know which parts I’m talking about here.
The ballad “Tynn alle lys” was indeed a very nice twist after hearing “Til verdens ende”.

Deus” is indeed a very interesting track and “Monokrom” brings another surprise with it – it’s instrumental!
Enola” continues with “I mitt hus(“In my house”) which is actually a pretty solid song that won’t blow you off your seat, neither overwhelm you.
And with “Hvit stjerne hvit støy(“White stars white noise”) this album comes to an end. What more could you desire?




18 years that definitely were worth the wait.
Enola” is probably the best thing that has happened to the Norwegian Rock scene lately and Seigmen still remain on top of it all.
It’s an album that will perfectly introduce you to this band if you’re not familiar with them and prepares you for the older material easily.
The possibility that Seigmen will gain a bigger fanbase outside Norway is really high after the release of “Enola”. It doesn’t matter whether the lyrics are English or in some other language… It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not… It’s the music that needs to speak to you.
And here it absolutely does.


I’m not Norwegian, I do not speak Norwegian. I only tried to provide translations with the German and Swedish skills I have. There’s no guarantee that the translations are 100% correct.


Personal favorites:

  • Forevig og alltid
  • Utopia i mine armer
  • Tynn alle lys

Take a listen:



Written by M. Nyman

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