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We surely informed you about the Indie Pop troupe Satellite Stories (from Oulu) releasing a brand new record this May. Well, here we are, all ready to share our opinion about the band’s fourth record “Young Detectives” with all of you.
I think we all know what to expect, but we’re looking forward like never before.

Keep in mind: Satellite Stories also announced a tour not so long ago and we’re happy to remind you that they’re gonna play in Munich this October, but you can find more on that somewhere over here

Having said that… Let’s begin, we got twelve tracks to check out!

It all begins with… Yes, I mentioned the track’s name in the previous sentence. The opener is called “All” and… That was indeed a very funky introduction. There’s something about this track that makes it weirdly irresistible and… Yeah, it surely makes you want to hear more from “Young Detectives”. It continues with a track called “Confetti” and… Wait… I heard this one on some Austrian radio the other day! How cool is that?
Confetti” is one of the singles (obviously) taken off this record and the chorus has a strong tendency of sticking in your head for the rest of the day… You’ve been warned. Other than that… You’ll probably sing along… Nobody knows.

And look, there’s another hit-single coming right at you! So in case you thought that “Confetti” is the best thing Satellite Stories can offer chorus-wise, just take a listen to “Radiant”. You won’t be disappointed at all.
I’m gonna quote one kid from some American TV-series to describe my feelings about “Radiant”:
“I love it, I love it, I love it. Thank you, Lord.”
Anyway, “Radiant” will make you feel quite euphoric and the next track won’t suddenly cut it. “Emergency” is solid nevertheless, but there’s nothing new. Really. But the bass line is cool as fuck. Let’s say it like that.

We got something experimental going on in “U.A.N.”. Here Satellite Stories go full-on Synthpop and probably that’s why this track is so memorable. So go and take a listen to this one as soon as possible! It’s Your Dead Partner approved!
So far, there’s nothing about this record I wouldn’t love. Doesn’t happen a way too often and I know how to appreciate it.
The next tune is called “Miracle” and some of you might be familiar with this one. It’s the first single off “Young Detectives” (as far as my memory reaches) and again… This was solid. “Miracle” will probably make you smile in case you’re having a hard time. What a miracle indeed.

Games” brings an awesomely odd intro with it, so you’ll almost forget that you were listening to Satellite Stories in the first place. But hey, “Games” is one of those game-changer tracks and I should stop making puns, I know.
If you want a brief description of how this sounds like, just try to imagine a soundtrack to some retro-game and make it as modern as possible. And that’s probably the worst description ever. Whatever, it’s another track you should care about. Peace.
Then there’s “Days Of July” and… Come on, I want to find a bad song on this record too! This is getting too perfect! But hey… We all should be happy. There are bands that can’t keep up with this level of songwriting quality at all.

Waiting For” screams “Now that’s some hot stuff!” like nothing else on this world right now. And if you had the feeling that there’s no real highlight on “Young Detectives” just yet and if the singles were too boring for you… Here it is! This is the track for you!
It’s dramatic, it’s hard-hitting and it’s simply everything you were waiting for.
It kinda feels that this album is getting better with every track. And… Didn’t I hear the next track on the radio as well? I’m sure I did… Other than that, “Young Detectives” is a track that will get carved in your mind as well. You’ll instantly know it’s Satellite Stories when you hear it playing somewhere.
If there’s something Indie Pop bands are all good at, it’s sounding identical to each other.
Luckily, Satellite Stories is a whole different deal.

What happens next? “Travels” happens and yeah, there goes another experimentali-ish track. Everything is cool here!
And the last thing that was missing on an album like “Young Detectives” was something like “Over You”. The perfect track that sums up everything you heard in a very good way while being something different again. We enjoyed the variety Satellite Stories put into this record. And we’re sure you’ll enjoy it too.



Young Detectives” is a record full of surprises. Being familiar with only a few tracks by Satellite Stories before, this album spoke to me more than ever expected and that was pretty awesome.
The tracks you’ll find on this album are catchy, varied and radio-friendly as well – no, we don’t think “radio-friendly” is a bad word as many other underground webzines do.
Young Detectives” is a record for everyone, who enjoys some honest music and honest content is just one of the things this album delivers.
Simply put, there’s everything you need from a good record and there’s nothing much I can add to it. A full rating (the second one this year) is much more than deserved here.

Take a Listen:


Personal favorites:

  • Radiant
  • U.A.N.
  • Waiting For
  • Young Detectives


★★★★★★★★★★ //  Perfection.


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. May 2017.


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