Watch this brand new video by Sara performing “Tyhjää”. You’ll love it.

Yes, we’ve heard a cover from this Finnish band before and we loved it – Just as pretty much anything else Sara has released afterwards. (Yhtenä iltana“, anyone? That was the jam in 2011!). But hey, let’s all just look at the video above and appreciate it for a while. Done? Continue, please!

This band has given a fresh and hypnotizing vibe to “Tyhjää” – a track originally recorded by Kaseva in the 1970s – and the video directed by Tuukka Temonen (of ex-Apulanta fame, for non-insiders) only adds the magic to it. It’s not a secret that we’re still digging Sara‘s Electro Rock sound. And you’ll do so too. Smiley face.

And make sure to check out Sara at Lost In Music in Tampere on 5th October if you’re anywhere around. One of us might show up. Who knows?

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