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Released: 24/03/2016 FIN


After releasing “Se keinuttaa meitä ajassa” back in 2012, the Finnish Alternative band Sara hinted quite a lot with releasing three EP’s in the past few months. “Ainoat hereillä” being the first part of the trilogy released in September 2015, followed by “Tyhmä pieni elämä” in December and finally “Synkkä matkustaja” this February.
SOLUS” is a collection of the songs you could find on these EP’s and here’s what we think about it…

The opener “VDTA” will make sure you get a smooth introduction to what’s coming at you. An introduction to the band’s most experimental effort so far.
VDTA” has a rather mysterious attitude to it and the following track entitled “Pelot ja heikkoudet” keeps up with it. Both tracks are damn catchy, but you have to find your own way to them.

Helvettiin” comes up next and I guess that was the biggest grower for me when I first heard it on the “Synkkä matkustaja” EP. I don’t remember why. It’s straight-forward, it’s interesting and it’s my first must-hear recommendation for you.
But then we get to the first highlight of “SOLUS”. It’s called “Ainoat hereillä” and everything about this song will probably get stuck in your head after hearing it.
Ainoat hereillä” is a perfect demonstration of the new, experimental side of Sara’s music. Do I need to explain further? No, I don’t.

SOLUS” continues with “Hengissä vielä” which brings another memorable moment with it. The same thing can be told about “Tyhmä pieni elämä” too, which kinda reminded me of the band’s previous records.
Marionetti” follows with a mood that is simply typical for Sara and the chorus of “Sinun kanssa” could be easily from their 2006 album “He kutsuivat luokseen” (Or “Veden äärelle” from 2008. You decide.). At least I felt like it.
And to be honest, I still don’t know what to think of “Jonain päivänä”. Or… Let’s say that I just can’t tell you that right now…

Pedot” comes up next and here we are in the Synthpop part of “SOLUS” again!
The last big thing that will come at you is the closing track called “Synkkä matkustaja”, featuring Ringa Manner of The Hearing. A truly magical way to finish up a record like this. No more words required.




Sara remain versatile in what they do. They’re not afraid to experiment with their music and “SOLUS” is a proof of that.
It’s not a record you’d enjoy right on the first listen. You need to find your way to it and once you do, the music will get even more exciting for you.
Except you’re already familiar with the previous material of Sara. Then you probably know what to expect from them!

Personal favorites:

  • Helvettiin
  • Ainoat hereillä
  • Tyhmä pieni elämä
  • Sinun kanssa
  • Synkkä matkustaja

Take A Listen:





Written by Nyman-Sramkova. March 2016. 

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