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Sabaton in Music Hall, Innsbruck (AT) – 15/02/2016


More pictures can be found here. Report below.



DISCLAIMER: I’m writing this at 3 am again.

Innsbruck is probably the lames city of Austria. Trust me. It’s real and it’s coming from someone who has lived there until 2014.
But sometimes you can even find some good live music going on in that city.
Like Sabaton and their support on 15th February.
A Swedish invasion again? Why not.

Bloodbound was the name of the opening act and to be honest… I’m glad I missed the beginning. That band had this wannabe-Iron-Maiden-sound and didn’t really offer much. But visually, it was… A bit more exciting.
Anyway, the crowd seemed to like it, so I think Bloodbound got some new fans in Austria.




After a short break it was time for Alestorm. The hype was big as the crowds chanted the name, yelling almost hysterically when the five dudes from Scotland appeared on stage.
I found out that Alestorm identify with a brand new genre called “Pirate Metal” and it’s a pity I don’t really like pirates… And Metal… Well… We will talk about it in the next part of YDP Talks!

Anyway, Alestorm did quite well. It didn’t blow my mind away and they even played a cover of some song called “Hangover” (I don’t remember the name of the original artist) – that was a let-down-moment, but if you forget about that… Yeah. Why not?






And then there was this one magical moment where the evening’s headliners came up. Sabaton opened with “The March To War” and the crowds were fucking crazy.
I’m serious. They were crazy.

The set continued with “Ghost Division” and “Far From The Fame” and songs like “Carolus Rex” and “Swedish Pagans” brought the audience to a massive explosion.





Sabaton are probably the most entertaining band from Sweden. I must admit it.
But after you see this band for the third time, it all gets boring.

In 2012 I saw the same show for the first time. I was amazed how nice it was.
In 2014 I saw the same thing for the 2nd time. Okay.
And seeing the exactly same thing in a row… Three times… Well, their fans hate changes. Guess that explains something.

It was a well spend evening. Sabaton didn’t surprise, but they didn’t disappoint either.


Bloodbound / Rating:

Alestorm / Rating:

Sabaton / Rating: 

Seeing Sabaton for the first time is like… Whatever. It’s fucking awesome.
But the more often you see them, the more repetitive it gets.


Overall Rating:

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