Rylos – Game Theory


Released: 18/11/2016 FIN – Secret Entertainment

Mikko Heino (Minutian) decided to fulfill a dream he’s been chasing for long: an in-your-face rock band with a carrot theme and aesthetics borrowed from Sega Master System’s game Wonder boy. As a result his solo band RYLOS was born. Rylos will publish their debut album Game Theory in November 2016. The album salutes their idols ranging from Twisted Sister to Therapy? and they will also be heavily present in forthcoming live shows. Needless to mention, the album also kicks ass like no music before.

One of the priorities of this webzine is to bring you closer to lesser known bands from Finland and today we’re gonna take a look at the upcoming debut album by Rylos. A Rock band from Kouvola.
Their debut album “Game Theory” promises to “kick ass like no music before” and… Who needs drugs when you can have carrots?

The opener “Space Invaders” is quite an energetic track that will show you what Rylos is all about, but still it doesn’t give everything away. “Game” follows with a catchy riff and a straightforward song structure which flows by nicely and if you’re looking for something more heavy and hard-hitting, “Real World” might be something for you – And oh, the band’s vocalist Mikko Heino sounds totally like Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden on that one!

Game Theory” will surprise you with “Ordinary Man” and the next track “Rat Race” is something you’d like to hear when having a bad day. Check out the video here!
HCP” comes up and here you can indeed hear something Therapy?-esque and the same thing could go for the highlight of “Game Theory”. That highlight bears the name “Heroes” and its chorus will probably make you raise up from your seat. “Heroes” is probably the most Alternative track on the record and it could totally be the next single.

By the way… Did you know Rylos recorded a cover of the Therapy?-song “Screamager”? It features as a B-Side to the single “Parallel Life”, which takes the 8th place on the album’s tracklist.
If you want to get familiar with the music of Rylos, “Parallel Life” should be one of the first songs to begin with.
The record gets to its Punk-wave together with the final track “Joker” (Video here) and there you go… “Game Theory” might be a game changer, but we’ll leave that up to you!



Rylos is indeed a cool band you should check out if you’re into a more traditional mix of Rock and Punk with some Heavy Metal and melodic elements. Let’s not forget about the unusual carrot theme, which makes it all even more lovable. “Game Theory” brings these aspects together, making up a solid debut album. It’s diverse, it has attitude and you can find some catchy tunes on it. “Game Theory” is different in its own way and that’s what we enjoyed the most!

Personal favorites:

  • Ordinary Man
  • Heroes
  • Parallel Life

Take a Listen:
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★★★★★★★☆☆☆ // GOOD. Everything is beautiful!


Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. November 2016.

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