Rattleplague – Bourbon Scenes (EP)



Release: 19/08/2016 FIN / Inverse Records

Rattleplague is a heavy rock band out of the borderlands of Uusimaa in Finland. Tough riffs and mean singing is the marinade which makes Rattleplague what it is.

Bourbon Scenes EP is released digitally in August 19th via Inverse Records.”

We came across a cool EP! Look at that!
As the promo-text teased, we’re going to take a listen to the first six-track-EP called “Bourbon Scenes” by the Finnish band Rattleplague and we’ll tell you what to expect.

The energetic opener “Parasite Brothel” welcomes you with a catchy, yet dirty riff and a Thrash-Metal-esque attitude, which is present through the entire EP.
Smoke N’ Roses” could be already found on Rattleplague’s 2014 demo with the same name. This track showcases the more melodic and straightforward side of the band’s music.
So far, this “Bourbon Scenes” reminds me a bit of Pantera. Is that a bad thing? No.
Drain” comes up next almost like a friendly punch to your face, delivering a powerful and rough piece which won’t leave anyone cold – no matter which genre of Rock you prefer.

The true highlight of “Bourbon Scenes” comes along with “Hollywood Diabolical” and you can also hear some serious cowbell-action going on in “Goddess Of Plague” – Which can be also found on the band’s demo.
The last song you’ll find on this EP bears the name “As I Perish”, which pretty much sums up everything Rattleplague is about. It’s a heavy deal.




Bourbon Scenes” incorporates modern Hard Rock with many Thrash Metal elements and Rattleplague managed to make these established genres sound new and in a different way and that’s something I really appreciate.

Bourbon Scenes” will see its digital release on the 19th August, so be sure to check it out if we got you hooked!

Personal Favorites:

  • Drain
  • Hollywood Diabolical

Take a Listen:





Written by M. Nyman-Sramkova. August 2016.

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